The one about the parrots was so adorable and really very sad. Gratitude and hugs! Furthermore, think of birds. I still don’t get it. But a few bird species do not have strong enough wings to fly, and so these birds are flightless. A study of the role of politics in conservation of the African Rhino. Turkeys, ducks, geese can reach sexual maturity at the age of 8-10 months, but in conditions of home breeding and keeping, they are usually born only in early spring when the natural day length reaches 12-14 hours. Write freely and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Of course, you are quite right - I meant the largest flying bird as opposed to flightless (which would be the ostrich) I'm so appreciative when an oversight like that is pointed out - thank you indeed! I've done some more research for you and found some cool sites and other resources you can check out if you want to find out more about the fascinating world of birds - they are amazing aren't they? Unfortunately, they tend not to look where they are going. I love learning about birds! The effects of tourism and roads on the ecology of the Markhor in Pakistan. Dissertation is a research paper work done by the students which is to be submitted at the end of the semester. Girl Interrupted Eating CC-BY-2.0 via Flickr. I've corrected the error you pointed out. Best Online Writing Certificate Programs Dissertation, I saw someone post about this the other day.. ... no, they don't really stick their heads in the sand! 10,000 Birds was declared one of the 100 Most Informative Blogs in the world by Carnegie Mellon University in 2007! Poor Tinamous. All I eat is salad with chicken”         ” Uh, Dave, you know that chicken is an animal product, you know, birds, like us?” […], This recent controversy has come to me on my extremely over-sensitive controversy radar, and something must be done about this topic. But... ... if one is disturbed, boy is it disturbed. It was a very unusual day though it may have seemed normal at the time. As with parrots, this comes from them being social birds that live in dense jungles. Reading about it in The Learning Center... Another very interesting hub that I want to read from start to finish! Toucans don't make good pets. This idea came to me many years ago and the ember has grown since. We got a busy day today and the flamingos seem hungry.” Being the daughter of a zookeeper is hard sometimes. Hunted to extinction, only these skeletons of the magnificent Elephant Birds of Madagascar now remain. Law Review Writing Competition Research, When they do, they are not very good at it! Birds can make for wonderful companions and pets, but even more remarkable is how birds can soar through the air, make music, or fly away. They require very specialist care and lots of space to live happily in captivity. That's as fast as any Olympic sprinter.