It makes a mean cupcake, too. The key to making frosting vegan is to replace the butter with vegan margarine. -Brianna. In any event, thank you SO much for this recipe. Vegan Buttercream Frosting- sweet, fluffy, and perfectly pipeable, this dairy free buttercream frosting is my go-to for topping cookies and cakes. ... cayenne, vegan butter, powdered sugar, agave, raw sugar, cinnamon and 14 more. I can make this easy marshmallow whipped cream frosting for any occasion. Buttercream may not sound vegan at all but you can make luxurious buttercream frosting without butter or cream. Vegan Liftz does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. -Brianna, these little cakes look so yummy and beautiful Either a gel or paste food coloring will work great. Happy tears. The softer vegan buttery spreads will make your frosting softer, and you will need less dairy free milk. If you are doing a pastel shade, you can probably use food coloring but it can make the frosting runny or make it look separated if you add too much. This coconut oil from Nutiva has a buttery flavor, which I find pleasant in my cookies. Hi Lisa, I’m so happy that coconut oil worked well for you! Measure the powdered sugar, salt, milk, and vanilla extract. It will quickly soften as you whip it, because it isn’t real butter. However, I do put this vegan buttercream frosting on all my desserts. Rate this recipe 2 teaspoon vanilla extract or vanilla paste, Whip the palm shortening and vegan butter using a stand mixer or heavy duty hand-held mixer about 5 minutes. Happy Baking! Happy Baking! There will be a fridge but do you think it would be better to make it and frost them there or can I frost them before we go and they won’t fall? Hi Emma, Your shortening doesn’t need to be chilled. It’s made by grinding sugar into powder. Non vegan Buttercream frostings often have egg yokes. My son can’t have dairy but his birthday is coming up so I’m going to make this. Happy Baking! Just thaw at room temperature, and give it a quick whip. Having a good and safe frosting is such a great tool. It should be light in color, and very fluffy. In the mood for frosted gluten free brownies? I ended up just playing with it because I needed a dairy and gluten free chocolate buttercream quickly and it was delicious! It will definitely be enjoyed Finally, it ensures this chocolate frosting is made WITHOUT powdered sugar! And then added unicorn toppers and a million sprinkles, just for fun. Amazing!!! Learn how your comment data is processed. The vanilla extract is where almost all the flavor comes from. You still get to enjoy the sweet, classic flavors of vanilla, powdered sugar, and the perfect pinch of salt to round out the taste. Add the dairy-free milk a teaspoon at a time, while whipping, until the frosting comes together and is smooth and spreadable If you accidentally add too much milk (it happens to the best of us) and your frosting is sloppy, too loose, or weeping, try adding ¼- ½ cup more of powdered sugar. So happy you are enjoying my recipes, Jessica. I am hopeful this will not be a complete disaster. It is the best marshmallow fluff icing. -Brianna. The most important ingredient to avoid when finding a butter substitute is margarine. Even a little too much can make the frosting sloppy. I’ve made several of the recipes on my website with an egg replacer and have had great results. Now, for this to be the “Easiest Vegan Buttercream Ever” you need a good quality, high fat butter. Blend it alone first to break it up. If you made a vegan cake or cupcakes, but still need a tasty icing, make our 5-ingredient sweet and fluffy vegan vanilla frosting. Just 4 ingredients, this really couldn’t be simpler and you’ll love how rich it is, even while using a minimal amount of vegan butter. We occasionally link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products. Used for my older two kids’ birthday cake! I usually have coconut milk, almond milk, or flax milk on hand. Hi Lely, Thank you so much for sharing. That does, indeed, make a big difference. Vegan marshmallow fluff frosting makes for simple piping also. I needed 5 minutes + 3 minutes with my Bosch Compact and with my mom’s Kitchenaid Mixer. I’ve played with how much milk to add, if any. Should the vegan butter be at room temperature? Hi. Coconut oil and coconut butter are two different things -- the oil is from the pressed coconut, while the butter is from the actual coconut meat. Like any dairy-loving pastry cook who has a (cough cough) healthy obsession with this ingredient, I enjoy using butter in baking. Any dairy-free milk you have on hand will work. You can use any shortening if you don’t have palm shortening. It has the perfect consistency for decorating too. Butter is that ingredient that makes good recipes great; it's literally the icing on the cake. I had to make another batch! Thank you for this and the super detailed directions! Remember to add powdered sugar to marshmallow frosting mixture slowly to avoid a messy powdered sugar explosion. In this article, we're going to look at the best vegan butter. Hemp is quickly gaining popularity as a great natural superfood and this product perfectly showcases how versatile and useful it can be. Increase the speed and whip for another 2-3 minutes or until light and fluffy. This is excellent! I hate refrigerarinf cakes because the frosting and cake gets so hard! Add your dairy free milk slowly, and a little at a time. I was also curious if you are able to use different kinds of shortening with the same effect. Hope that answers your question! -Brianna. You can use shortening instead of vegan butter, however it will change the texture a bit and your frosting will be a bit thicker. The Site may contain links to affiliate websites, and we receive an affiliate commission for any purchases made by you on the affiliate website using such links. COPYRIGHT © 2020 ASK THE EXPERTS LLC. The palm shortening helps to prevent the frosting from getting too soft in warm temperatures, and it still firms up in the fridge. I’m VERY skeptical with “these” non traditional recipes because so many are horrible…but this one is amazing!!! I’m Brianna and I started Flippin’ Delicious more than 7 years ago because I believe that no one should have to miss out on their favorite foods just because they have to eat gluten-free or are juggling other food allergies. Thanks for sharing. Learn how your comment data is processed. To make traditional brown butter, you simply heat the butter in a saucepan.Over about 15 minutes or so, it goes through a number of stages from cooking off the water in the butter to the point where the butter is foaming and the milk solids in the butter start to brown. ★☆ When she is not tearing through her city's best cheesesteaks, Nikki enjoys a healthy dose of yoga and chocolate.