272 334 55. Cool Backgrounds offers a selection of beautiful, enticing image backgrounds to add to your blog post, website, or wallpaper. A blue abstract background with a shaft of light going through it, Abstract Blue Waves On White Background, Abstract Technology Background. Overall though, the color blue is so well-regarded around the world, it is generally considered to be the safest bet as a graphic design choice: that’s why it’s so easy to find a blue wallpaper or blue background web template online. Halloween Pumpkin. For use with digital layouts and content creation, Abstract black deep navy blue color curved shaped blurred background wallpaper. Gradient Topography is a newly minted project by me as a response to the amazing work by the Codrops crew. Ufo Cosmos Universe. A rustic blue painted wood background with the word home spelled out in metal letters and a love heart symbol, Futuristic Space Abstract Blue Background. Love Romantic. Finally, in cultures across the world, blue is often considered to be synonymous with tranquility and peace. As a sample of a few options availabe, the following list of images are ready to use for any application. Navy blue textured background wallpaper design. You can also upload and share your favorite dark blue background images. An abstract blue background with sparkle lights and stars, American Flag Closeup White Stars Blue Background. History and geography team, Blue Classroom Blackboard Background Texture. Vintage pale blue old wood planks background or texture, Blue Abstract Background. Christmas frame, greeting card. And of course Unsplash is one of the best internet treasures of all time, built by the former Crew team as a side project. Many uses for advertising, book page, paintings, printing, mobile, Blue stones background. Shells on a light blue wood background in a banner format, Pale blue wood planks texture or background. Was £16.99. Old scratched and chapped painted royal blue wall, Deep space. Abstract artistic dark blue grungy wall texture background for web design, banner, template or poster, Blue pattern background. Christmas border. Blue doesn’t just transcend culture, either. Silver and pastel blue christmas gifts, Red White and Blue Boards Background. While art has existed for something like 20,000 years, blue wasn’t always present in it. Meanwhile, people of the Hindu faith may favorably associate the color blue with Krishna, the deity that embodies divine joy. Blue and Silver Frozen Snow Winter Ice Cold, Blue tile background illustration or abstract diamond or block shape pattern on old vintage paper texture background. 880 966 194. Little christmas present on snow with copy space on blue, Abstract Spotlight Blue Background. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Japanese woodblock artist Katushika Hokusai used it to create The Great Wave off Kanagawa which is one of the most internationally-known pieces of Japanese art. Oh yea and can't forget CSS Gradient and Rellax.js which is the "cool background" that powers those sliding parallax shapes in the content section of this site! Macro Yellow blue lizard Panther chameleon isolated on white background, Purple Blue Background. Event lights romantic, Abstract deep navy blue color orange color mixture with cement texture background. Blue Teal Grunge Background made of steel tin scratched rough peeling paint, Abstract Dark Blue Grunge Wall Texture Background. And in 1842, an English astronomer discovered that Prussian blue’s sensitivity to light made it the perfect hue to copy drawings. 3d render of red blue fireworks, Uneven dark blue texture background. Nature background. Ultramarine was kind of like the Vantablack of its day: it was almost prohibitively expensive to make, and as a result, only a select few artists were able to work with it. An abstract blue background with a feeling of movement of computer information, Ancient vintage blue map background. Another reason for the popularity of blue might be its many varied hues. 891 1029 103. Free for commercial use High Quality Images So why are people across the globe so drawn to the color blue? Your IP: This free web tool is created by Moe Amaya a product designer based in San Francisco who builds resources for the design and development community. Magic christmas greeting card. Whether you’re looking for a light blue background, a dark blue background, or something in between you can tell a wide-ranging story with the color blue. Abstract blue elegant waves on white background, abstract technology background, Patriotic July 4th Red White Blue Background. Vacation Tropical Travel Blue Background. Astronaut Weightless. Blue tie dye pattern hand dye on cotton fabric abstact background, Vintage blue gray background with lots of distressed grunge texture, old elegant dark blue background or wallpaper paper. Efforts to turn lapis lazuli into paint weren’t successful until the sixth century when it began to appear in Buddhist paintings in Afghanistan. High resolution, Abstract blurred blue technology background of night city. An abstract blue background with a curving or bending feel, Blue and Silver Frozen Snow Winter Sparkling Stars Glitter background. Closeup red, white and blue boards background. Boutique-Turquoise boutique damaris damask wallpaper. A blue background with a tropical seaside theme including a cell phone, sunglasses, beach towel, sun cream, Blue Water Drops Background. In North America and Europe, blue is symbolic of authority and security: just look at the sedate navy blue law enforcement uniforms found throughout both candidates for an example of that. Blue wet Isabella grapes bunch on white background as package design element, Magic autumn blue background with yellow oak leaf. Holiday, Christmas, New Year abstract texture. The same survey showed that men and women in the United States both overwhelmingly selected blue as their favorite color. It would take almost another 1,000 years to reach Europe, where the pigment was dubbed ultramarine. A spotlight shining on a painted blue abstract background, Abstract Blue Banner Background. If you move east towards the Ukraine, you’ll find that blue is representative of good health. And not only was blue the favorite color, it had a massive margin over second place colors pretty much across the board: for instance, in Great Britain, 33% of survey respondents selected blue as their favorite color. An abstract purple blue background with a shaft of light running thru it, Pink blue, pink bokeh,circle abstract light background,Pink Gold shining lights, sparkling glittering Valentines day,women day or. A soft light blue satin material background with gentle folds, Flatlay of beautiful blue dragonfly isolated on white background. Spring Background. Shades of blue include navy, aqua, cerulean, cyan, and cornflower. Vintage blue gray background with lots of distressed grunge texture, old elegant dark blue background or wallpaper paper. Patriotic background for 4th of July or Memorial Day projects, Christmas Frame; winter blue snowy background;. Tons of awesome dark blue background images to download for free. To find out more about that, we’ll have to dig out our art history tomes and take a journey back in time. Plain navy blue textured background wallpaper for use with text or image layout designs, Blue Star background - Stock Photos. 523 604 106. Christmas gift wrapped with blue ribbon with silver balls on white snow. One curious-sounding phrase’s closest English approximation was the rather clunky “wine-face sea”: Lang, with his poet’s ear, translated it as “wine dark sea”. In fact, the blues genre of music likely got its name from the term “blue devils”, which was a colloquialism for sadness and melancholy. Illustration design. When it comes to customer support, Quinn Rohlf from Trianglify.js is incredibly responsive and a really smart guy to boot. These words should come as no surprise: the sky itself is vast and unbound, and often used as a metaphor for the heavens. SAVE 20%. Blue is also emblematic of good health in much of Latin America: there it can also represent hope and wealth, and also carries with it the positive association of being symbolic of the Virgin Mary. Uneven old rough dark blue texture background with scratches, Blue sky panorama background with clouds in the morning.