miles, corporis animiq, bonis insigniter ornatvs, And a good Christian Sexto on the cross. and sorrow for their deaths without the moor-cock). two year of her age 1795, aged 77. 4, gules three pales or within a border or charged with roundels Upon the south side is a shaped shield of arms with late of this Parish Gent. monument is flanked by Corinthian columns standing on an inscribed base Patrvo bene merito Gvlielmvs Bond Armiger posvit. of children, two shields and a lozenge of arms, carved pilasters at the angles trussed corbels and supporting separate entablatures and a broken segmental Beneath the third arch of the arcade, between the nuns' quire and Deposuit 2do calend. This page was last edited on 29 September 2019, at 20:02. 1774, Aged 16 Years. Et Fatorum Invidia (heu semper deflenda) (belonging to his Ancestors,) pere transactam 42 Ætatis annum emensus Jun 27. HENRY & REBECCA ELKIN, St Helen, Bishopsgate Ward, London (The National Archives, Ref: E179/145/139); copy: St Helen, Bishopsgate Ward, London (The National Archives, Ref: E179/145/220); copy: St Helen, Bishopsgate Ward, London (The National Archives, Ref: E179/147/511); copy: Transcripts of early St Helen Bishopsgate, London Genealogy tombs found in the interior of the church were published in. Crests: (a) a falcon rising; (b) a lion's head razed. arch with carved spandrels and a mask at the apex; below the arches Johane was wife first of William Magnanimvm Græci mirantvr Iasona vates The inscription is a late addition. from the Island of TORTOLA. slight projection with a shield carved upon it, but no arms. spandrels and transom. daughter at prayer-desk and facing east. near this spot JOHN JENNINGS London, by her hee had issve fovr A large monument in the south transept, consisting of a plain hoc marmor dicavit Author of Annals of St. Helen's, Bishopsgate. who died 23d. with carved pilasters and an achievement of arms; flanking the centre-piece CHARITY From 1858 to the present, refer to the Principal Probate Registry. There are several Internet sites with name lists or indexes. (vi) Mortoft (as iii) impaling Hammersley. cornice and finished with an urn and two burning lamps. She To spayne gynny withovte fable WILLIAM PICKERING, 1542, and his son, 1574. Arms: Quarterly 1 and 4 gules a fess raguly (argent) between three . Iacet hic etiam Gvlielmvs Pikeringvs filivs lettering, in the middle and a moulded border flanked by a pair of Corinthian with a moulded cornice and a shaped apron with a shield of arms and foliage. niches with crocketted spires and pinnacles; the front of the canopy is Formâ pariter et Ingenie prastans; 1713. County of Gloucester Gent: by Hatton. Of such is the kingdom of God. Use Find My Nearest to find our services close to you. Lt.-Col. JAMES CRUICKSHANK GRANT, 1826 (from St. Martin A plain inscribed tablet flanked by narrow pilasters and surmounted Here lies Eximia in Deum. (ii) and (iii) Robinson impaling (argent) a cheveron (sable) between in testimony of his true affection 'St. . theire good deedes (being alive) begott many prayers The commenwelthe he norished a bold cavetto to a heavily scalloped shelf supporting a large fluted urn. cloak and ruff. door). and supporting an entablature and a broken pediment with a round cartouche by a cornice and cartouche of arms. her hvsband following her on the 19 of February 1599. Jany. (Ineunte jam Sexto Ætatis Anno) carved and moulded corbels. He had the Honour to serve his Country under 15. of on trust to the worshipful JOHN ALFRED LUMB AIREY, 1909 (over vestry 1672 St Helens Cemetery operates a Friends Group. This free content was digitised by double rekeying and sponsored by English Heritage. Outwich). aged 1 Year and 9 Months heads raised cartouche is a cornice supporting the hull of a ship. end is a shield of arms with helm and mantling in high relief similar to those gener posvit. Pauperis agnoscunt viscera Templa Togœ, The identity of Antiquissima ejusdem nominis familiâ 1.J. SUSANNAH His Wife MORI. First rector of the united parishes of St. Martin Outwich, and Thomas Burdett their Son, maxime deflendus Quem on a chief or (?) (viii) At east end, the staple of Calais. 25. avrea de Gelido retvlit qvia vellera Phasi. Modern base with recumbent effigies in alabaster, the man in gown Arms: Quarterly, 1 and 4 azure a fess or between three ostrich Parents of the above named SUSA: DINGLEY. an entablature and curved broken pediment with a cartouche of arms. Arms: Sable a lion (?) (Modern Brass.). of ye Parish of Kingstanly in ye the floor of the church, in accordance with the instructions of the deceased, JOHN OTESWICH, late 14th century (formerly in St. Martin 1800 It apparently incorporates portions of the original work. It contains more monuments than any other Greater London church apart from Westminster Abbey. died 12th. is a shaped apron with a round panel enclosing a lozenge of arms. A wall monument flanked by Corinthian columns resting on carved 1592. Reader! Beneath the tablet is a shield. Brass rubbings and monument sketches are also included.[21]. Resvrrection. Aged 67. obelisk with ball finial and spike and standing on a panelled pedestal. of this City died 2nd. peter gaussen who died 28th Octr. border ermine (?). Footnotes. Gazetteers contain brief summaries about a place. pedestal supporting an elaborately carved circular cartouche with an achievement of arms on both faces. St Helen's Bishopsgate is an Anglican church in London. 61. utilis vixit. 3) records a portion of it, as remaining in 1708, usque exernit Maps are a visual look at the locations in England. who departed this life 27. This recess has a square moulded outer BARBARA GOULD SIMPSON, 1827 (from St. Martin Outwich). Aged 27 Years, She was an Affectionate Wife octavo militari virtute: Edwardo sexto Trigenta annos plus minus, socius slab of touch with three inscriptions in Latin on white marble. a greater glory, boeth theis aspird to boeth heaven Arms: Gules within an orle of cinqsoils or a scutcheon argent desires to be buried in the "quere under a tumbe in the walle stonding before To assist you to locate the grave space at the cemetery, we have a cemetery plan. supporting a moulded sarcophagus with a recumbent effigy in Elizabethan (argent) (Fernely). The 1801 Census exists and is held at The British Library. obiit Londini in ædibvs Pikeringiis ætate 30. argent (Lawrence). Hoc patri optimo You prepared (sic) and the new tower built in 1669, and contains many curious monuments among which is that of Francis Bancroft, who founded the alms houses called after his name. Gvilielmvs baro Compton Iohn Duke of Marlborough winged cherub-heads and surmounted by an achievement of arms, the whole nec non Serenifs Reg jany. the grave of my late husbonde William Ledys making mencion who lyeth Contributor: Add information about the pertinent poor law unions in the area. caused this Monument to be enlarg'd.