ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Quickness gives you more access to dodge, which is good for all classes, and ranged weapons are always useful. In-game models will also have more than 30 gear sets, though the number is still being nailed down. Magic is incredibly powerful, if you wish to use it. Yeah focus is best. Will say for those trying to make their character is that unlike the Nintendo 64 Shadowrun game, you get a free gun early on and all have their own quirks to them (I've been enjoying the SMG & rifle but can see benefits of the shotgun & pistol) just have to sink a few points in there as well as charisma. Try out a few of the classes & keep them straight to that but you can later on mix magic & tech on your character. This is the time to get into the nitty-gritty, and the HareBrained team has detailed the two major pillars of the character builder: portraits, and in-game models with gear. Looks awesome. Otherwise, ranged combat is quite good, and should probably be taken as a backup unless you choose magic or melee. thanks! And steer clear of decking, there just aren't enough moments in the game to warrent investing, and the game always gives an NPC to do it in your stead anyway. I think I want to be a guy that hacks stuff, but I guess I need some combat stats as well? So how do I approach this? HareBrained Schemes details the character building options in the upcoming Shadowrun Returns. With most of my KS-backed projects now coming to fruition I will probably not even bother with next-generation consoles for a long time. Any Adept specific advice? I feel there isn't enough benefit to do lots of things, beside that would also require you to buy more equipment, which is valuable money you could spend on higher gear instead of 3 pieces of lower quality or on some cybernetic upgrades. The game offers almost 200 character portraits, each modeled after personality notes given to artist David Nash. All locations have their own maps with a detailed legend to help you quickly locate needed things. So far I've mostly gone for the Chi casting abilities and increasing my Unarmed skills. My name is Jon, better known as Arrestedgaming and this is my second walkthrough here on gamefaq. It barely comes up in combat, and the sections in the matrix aren't that difficult. Also taking I believe it is 3 points in summoning unlocks a totem choice which let's you pick from a selection of AOE buffs and an AOE heal which only have a 1 turn cooldown. I don't know I just wanted to make this joke. I went with a decker/shotgun specialist and by the end of the game I had an 8 (of a 9 maximum) in both of those skills, and still had plenty of points in charisma, biotech and dodge. Browse other questions tagged shadowrun-returns or ask your own question. But you can do what i do, Just hire muscle to round out your hacker, but as i said i would dump most of it into being a hacker then. And the roleplay/advancement requires no social skills, and with combat skills focus takes priority over flexibility.