RIGHT ON! I stayed 1905 s sawyer. in fact i saw a lot of adults in the audience when i saw it. still not worth watching only for teens who love mainstream and all the fads of the day. Julia Stiles claims that her drunk dancing scene in 10 Things I Hate About You helped her win the role of Sara in Save the Last Dance. What is the point of this movie? Here's why using that formula is problematic at best as a "forensic tool when applied to elections.". The film stars Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas as a teenage interracial couple in Chicago who work together to help the character played by Stiles, train for a dance audition. Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts came from different worlds. With Julia Stiles, Sean Patrick Thomas, Kerry Washington, Fredro Starr. Sara is a great dancer but is she really at Juilliard level? Derek then makes an important decision, bailing on Malakai to attend Sara's audition. In fact I did see it again with another set of friends on Saturday night. Lameness is what empTV gives you just like their melodramatic shows on late nights, corniness VJs and shows minus tom green!! Although Stiles grew up dancing , … Having achieved his dream of being accepted at Georgetown University, Derek convinces her to follow her dreams of Juilliard. But they shared a grand vision. Not only did she fail to get into the school of her dreams, but her mother also died in a tragic car accident. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on January 2, 2020. Not only does Sara's mother die, but Sara has to go live with her estranged father in a home that looks like it's falling apart. Sorry, Sara and Derek, but this relationship seems doomed. She lost her dream of going to Juilliard. She doesn't seem to be phased by this demographic shift, though she's one of the few white people in the school. It seems pretty unlikely that a school with such a competitive program would let in a student who has messed up at more than one audition and who also brings a dramatic boyfriend along with her. Save your time, save your money and rent something else. When people talk about dance films, a lot of the commonly referred to films tend to be Footloose, Dirty Dancing or Step Up. Related quizzes can be found here: Save The Last Dance . | I have it 1355. If "The Mandalorian" were made in the style of "Cowboy Bebop," it would likely look something like this. Even the "romantic hero", Sean Patrick Thomas puts on the bad boy hat for about two scenes, and then runs to Julliard to cheer on his girlfriend. Save the Last Dance went both gold and platinum on January 29, 2001 and was certified 2x multi-platinum on May 20, 2002. Between N. Dearborn and N. State, E. Lake and E. Randolph! The script and plot line are terrible. I found it to be a compelling story, well told. to say that this movie deals with difficult issues is complete BS. Which is a shame really, because it's such a great film!