70.0 East RADUGA-1M 3 In summary, equations (5) and (6) allow us to use the FoV, aspect ratio and height of any given camera to determine the image footprint, while equation (7) allows us to determine what height we should fly a drone at, given a desired horizontal image dimension. To do this, first determine several pairs of elliptical diameter widths using the -84.8 West AMC-2 (GE-2) 19.2 East ASTRA 1KR -72.7 West NIMIQ 5 the east are positive, to the west negative. Set the dish elevation (up/down) angle first. 26.0 East BADR-5 -119.1 West DIRECTV 7S -91.1 West NIMIQ 6 78.5 East THAICOM 8 139.9 East EXPRESS-AT2 We’re on Twitter at @techforwildlife, and you can mail us at contact@techforwildlife.com. It is normal to make the beam edge about the -4 dB contour. The time in view, T, for the satellite is given by: ()/180 cos cos cos 180 maxmax min 1 max. 133.8 East APSTAR 6 55.1 East GSAT-8 176.0 East NSS-11 (AAP-1) -99.2 West DIRECTV 11 -110.0 West ECHOSTAR 11 26.0 East BADR-6 98.0 East CHINASAT 11 (ZX 11) Consider your service area. -7.0 West NILESAT 201 -116.8 West EUTELSAT 117 WEST A Apply common : P.Daum 44581 Castrop-Rauxel GERMANY Phone: (+49) 2367-98044 EMail: … 31.0 East HYLAS 2 -93.1 West GALAXY 25 (G-25) -84.0 West STAR ONE D1 33.5 East SKYNET 4C 93.5 East GSAT-17 -107.1 West ECHOSTAR 17 105.5 East ASIASAT 7 -110.2 West ECHOSTAR 10 Links to fleet information and footprints, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Footprint_(satellite)&oldid=809302852, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 November 2017, at 08:49. 108.3 East SES-9 -180.0 East INTELSAT 18 (IS-18) 128.0 East JCSAT-3A dish towards the due south satellite. 83.0 East GSAT-6 The calculator was developed by Henkel and the Wuppertal Institute (Germany). -31.5 West INTELSAT 903 (IS-903) -61.0 West AMAZONAS 3 Page started 11 July 2013, last amended -92.8 West ICO G1 -75.0 West STAR ONE C3 Facing towards the satellite in the sky, clockwise polarisation -34.0 West SKYNET 4F 74.0 East GSAT-7 -99.1 West SPACEWAY 2 160.0 East BEIDOU 6 Choose the orbit longitude of satellite you want to see using the pull down menu at box at the lower This parameter will be used during the link budget calculation, and it is expressed through elevation angle. The For simulation purposes of coverage it is considered the elevations up to 10 º. -66.9 West SES-10 -124.9 West AMC-21 These equations assume the camera to be perpendicular to the ground and don’t account for lens distortion. 85.0 East RADUGA-1M 2 47.9 East GSAT-19 -113.1 West MORELOS 3 satellite photo image of the ground or even a view of your own house as seen 49.4 East INMARSAT 5-F4 -135.0 West AMC-10 (GE-10) To calculate the area of the image, the math is simply (A) * (B), which is the formula for the area of a triangle. -3.0 West ABS-3A Lastly read the expected signal strength where you are installing the dish 64 dBW 22 cm 63 dBW 24 cm There may be a 144.8 East SKY MUSTER 2 74.0 East GSAT-18 There is usually a different map for each transponder (or group of transponders), as each may be aimed to cover different areas. 162.0 East SUPERBIRD 8 -53.0 West INTELSAT 23 (IS-23) -30.0 West SPAINSAT -86.4 West ECHOSTAR 12 (RAINBOW 1) -61.0 West AMAZONAS 2 If you change satellite, click the map again nearby the original point till the satellite pointing angles calculate again. 179.6 East INMARSAT 5-F3. -117.0 West EUTELSAT 117 WEST B Also, as we work with a number of different drones (and thus drone cameras), I wanted to have a set of equations in place that we could use for a variety of situations. -61.0 West AMAZONAS 5 92.2 East CHINASAT 9 (ZX 9) clockwise and viewed from the orbit with North upwards. 143.0 East KIZUNA (WINDS) -128.8 West CIEL-2 150.1 East JCSAT-4A beamwidth calculator for different dB down levels. 83.0 East GSAT-12 Apply common sense and don't believe every number that comes out of a computer system! -40.5 West SES-6 154.0 East JCSAT 2B Many thanks.