Twenty years ago or more they offered a begrudging, minimal service. She has to wake up and have something to live for. JeffersLos But a lot of people in certain countries still chase money and still race other rats.

Feel sad for the tourist industry there….. I’m a digital nomad and 9 month visa is very attractive to me.

The currency remains too high, and there is no indication the government has the will to rectify this situation. LET ME BUCK THIS FARANG HYPER-CRITICAL THEME OF THE THAI GOVERNMENT.

I guess maybe they don’t have anywhere else to go. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. In my opinion there is a chance that the situation will change in 3 or 5 years, but this will not help you in your current situation. But there’s clearly a sense of urgency now, shaped by the aforementioned demography, which is quickly altering visa conditions for longer stays. Nothing new. The Thaiger will update the details of the new long stay tourist visa as soon as the become available. If you had to pick a new country/city that exhibit a similar structure to Chiang Mai but also has a generous long term visa policy, what would you choose? Hanging out in the bars and enjoying the nightlife more than one or two days a month will lead to disaster in the long run. Mine is sent here every 4 weeks. Once in Thailand they will be tested again and will required to stay at the medical facility for at least 14 days, during which they will be able to start their chosen treatments.

So her coming with me was a risk-free move on her part, which is something that was important to me. This being that I am pretty sure that the government wants to get rid of in part all of the westerners begging on the streets. So my advice is to look for friendlier, and closer destinations to your own country. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. If Oh is living in some foreign country for, say, 9 months per year, I’m not sure what it is that she does every day that gives her life purpose and meaning. I agree that Thailand is unique. The said we needed a physical land address with proof of ownership or be registered at a hotel. Presumably the money deposited in a bank Thai account method (400,000 and 800,000) hasn't changed? It is difficult to anticipate whether $200,000 would be sufficient to last your entire retirement even in a country like Thailand that has an affordable cost of living. Passive income is north of $18,000/year. Educational programs across the country, ranging from language to Muay Thai, are becoming more burdensome to participate in. It’s why I discussed it so much in my best-selling book, 5 Steps To Retire In 5 Years. The other issue is that a lot of these people getting turned away from entry aren’t actually breaking any laws. As such, third-party ads may be served up at any time, and I may be paid on your clicking of these ads or your giving of information to third-party representatives. Powered by Invision Community, Subscribe to the daily ThaiVisa newsletter to receive, Are you in Thailand and feeling low? Appreciate your thoughts. And I’m always excited to test my mettle. However, I will say that the Chinese tend to hang out in huge packs in certain areas of the city. We do need to have additional information from South Korea in order to verify those assumptions.”. Just try Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam, and decide, but I think Thailand is unique. Contacted the Thai Embassy in the UK today regarding the STV. But I remain optimistic. I’ve never seen it quite like this before. >Oh, hang on, the TAT want to encourage high-spenders, dont’t they. Wake up and smell the coffee. A real test of a retirement community might come in giving them a test drive. Supply is finally meeting demand. But you have to compare apples to apples. It’s clean, white, people are welcoming and it’s better for your health. Tax information for expat from American UK and more. But it’s just not worth it to jump through an increasing number of hoops like that. That case is also still a mystery. Not everyone can easily go either, what with quarantines back in their own countries, preventing them from working. In the past when applying for VISA extensions our boat papers were accepted as our address, not this time. UK state pension can be transferred to a Thai a/c but only in Thai Baht.

Frankly, I get it. When is the next “phase”, when retirees are allowed back home?? I’m in San Jose. The perfect retirement lifestyle.

Thais are forgiving of your past and ready to start a new life with you. If you'd like to start your own blog, Jason offers free coaching when you use our Bluehost affiliate link. I wouldn’t mind trying somewhere else out for a few years. The new visa regulation will be in effect until September 30, 2021 and may be extended beyond that time. It’s just these arbitrary limits that are applied randomly. This is one hell of a response. Been there, done that. To prevent overspending and maintain your budget plan in check, locate out where the residents purchase meals and groceries and where they go with nightlife, home entertainment, as well as tourist attractions. And I promised her that if anything were to happen to us, I’d help her get squared away there. Archayon Kraithong, deputy commission of the Immigration Bureau, says everyone on board the yachts will go through document checks in order to have STV applications approved.

No, no, thats was covered already by some of thaiger forums fearless leaders. As such, I’d want to make sure it’s an experience worth remembering for both of us. And if that required a more part-time solution, so be it. I like change. Yes and no. I’m thinking of countries like Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc. All these plans have one thing in common: way too much uncertainty and hassle to be really an option. so the yearly amount based on monthly income: Whereas the amount held in an account was (still is?) Many things for the better but I don’t like how the Thais are losing their sense of fun – sanuk – and becoming more money and consumption obsessed. I’ve met a lot of single guys over here who are doing the digital nomad thing and meeting different women in different countries. That wouldn’t bother me for even a second. Glad to see you’re also excited about all of this, because I’m certainly excited to hear about what you’re doing next. Seems a lot like Singapore, for better or worse. Thailand’s major hospitals will provide potential candidates with an appointment letter.

World aviation has dropped by 97% (last month compared year-on-year). All a UK citizen will receive is bland cut and paste advice that will be near useless. What happens to all the foreign condo owners? Not sure if we’d end up making it to that neck of the woods. Same for the currencies: The Thai Baht is not that strong at it seems to be dependent on the $/EURO. That’s to give Oh a chance to experience American culture firsthand, just in case we find ourselves pressured (due to the deteriorating visa situation here) to move to the States together. Expat in Thailand news. I am very much in the favor of permitting less tourist but quality tourist to maintain discipline.. Save thailand Safe thailand. Some of these guys over here are desperately trying to figure it out and finagle things to the very last inch.

The Thaiger Pte Ltd is registered in Singapore. Tax information for expat from American UK and more. It’s something I play out in my mind to its logical conclusion, and it’s hard to see how it would work out if she doesn’t have something productive to keep her busy and somewhat independent. He’s right, but there aren’t many people willing to pay the high cost or risk being stuck in Thailand. 5 new Covid-19 cases were detected in quarantine with 2 reporting symptoms of a fever, according to the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration. Under the CCSA regulations, foreign medical and wellness tourists have to arrive by air to ensure effective disease control, not via land border checkpoints at this stage.