0.0 % is starting spot for the "typical, average" Jersey cow. -Australorp If you want us to pregnancy test a heifer/cow, we are happy to do that but again, it will be done at our convenience. Cattle-exchange.com is the number 1 online cattle marketplace to buy, sell and list cattle for sale. We provide the Health Certificate (CVI) and the TB test. Will split into smaller groups if needed no minimum number All of our girls are registered with the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) and DNA/genomic tested and are 100% Jersey blood. Copyright © 2007-2020 Marktplaats B.V. All Rights Reserved. Nothing is considered SOLD until a deposit is received. Goulburn. Text (703) 595-5405 to get a quote from them. Super nice heifer, high butterfat, A2/A2. North Platte, Nebraska 69101  |  308-534-3659 home |, Raising Heritage Animals for the Homesteader. We will either test for pregnancy via blood test or palpation. Due to calve in Spring 2021. ©2016 FARM COTTAGE CREAMERY. Has successfully sired calves. Fertile eggs that are a cross of different pure bred chickens including. All tests must be paid for by the buyer before the blood will be sent off and a deposit must be placed on a specific animal. All of ours are registered with the ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association). Listing # 32140671 She was bred by my small Highland bull on 9/21/20. A true purebred Jersey has predictable traits that make them SO awesome. We raise purebred Jerseys that are registered with the American Jersey Cattle Association and are DNA tested to be 100% pure bred. I have Boran bulls and cows for sale. Highly Improved pasture, located Crookwell NSW. PMJS = Purebred Mini Jersey Society, open Herd Book Registry IMCBR = International Miniature Cattle Breeders Registry AJCA = American Jersey Cattle Association JEUSA = AJCA, American Jersey Cattle Assoc. All Registered and Pure Bred. Hikari, Shigemaru, Tamamaru, Big Al, and the outstanding son 518. We are proud to raise registered purebred Jerseys. After years of developing our percentage Akaushi cattle, we have Purebred (15/16th) DNA verified Akaushi cattle available for sale! I can’t put photos of all of them so just message me and ask for photos and I’ll send you photos of the parents. All prices excluding GST. Galloway bull. FARM COTTAGE CREAMERY  North Platte, Nebraska 69101  |  308-534-3659 home | imlibby@nque.com  | 308-530-2964 cell/text. FARM COTTAGE CREAMERY  North Platte, Nebraska 69101  |  308-534-3659 home | imlibby@nque.com  | 308-530-2964 cell/text. We focus our breeding program on great temperaments coupled with high butterfat and once a day milking. Nice heifer  (with a small horn scur on the right side)... due in the Spring of 2021 with her 1st calf. All breeds and prices are listed and please read the ad befo, Wanted: Agistment needed ASAP for 3 sheep would consider giving away, Hi I have 3 sheep 2 females and a baby ram All rights reserved. Good temperament and well muscled all round. These little goats are amazing. CATTLE FOR SALE. GrDam: Sunset Canyon Sparky V Maid 578-ET. Our bull battery and gene pool consists of all the original eleven 1994 Japanese cows and bulls imported by Dr. Al and Marie Wood, i.e. 2 purebred Angus cows with Angus bull calves at foot 2-4 weeks old $3500 each cows 4-5 years old Back running with purebred Angus bull -Aracuana I can post eggs anywhere in Australia we post using eggs press safe egg cartons and shipping cost is an additional $30 for 1 dozen eggs and $35 for 2 dozen eggs. All heifers/cows have been exposed/bred to this bull. - Australian langshan Available now for 3-4 months. Candy is a sweet and pretty heifer due in the spring of 2021 with her first calf. Bannister. Perfect additions to the homestead. $1,800. We have A2/A2 results on our entire herd. - blue Plymouth Rock Not much bigger than a Labrador, they are easy to work with, easy to contain, easy to milk, come in a rainbow of colors and OH SO friendly! ©2016 FARM COTTAGE CREAMERY. Negotiable. All rights reserved. 9 purebred stud Angus heifers 3 years old due to calve next 4 weeks $3500.00 each $200 -$300 depending on the tests requested. We are 100% pasture based, grass-fed and focus our breeding on high percent butterfat. For Lease $250/month bond Crookwell area only Has been drench & vac Quiet & easy to handle Proven worker with my cattle Any further info please message, Cattle Agistment available for 250-300 weaners. ©2016 FARM COTTAGE CREAMERY. On average, a Jersey breeding bull can fetch anything from {MALES}, whereas you can expect to pay in the region of {FEMALES} for a heifer and {YOUNG} for a calf. You should be able to trace back at least 5 generations to determine that you have a purebred Jersey. Has 1 horn scur. 6 purebred Angus cows heavy in calf heifers also available . The deposit on the animal will be refunded if and only if, any test result comes back "positive." Fertile poultry eggs chickens ducks, turkeys, quails and guinea fowl, Lots of breeds of fertile chicken, turkey, quail and duck eggs for sale.