And that’s it! And since Osiris didn’t have a son, that made Set pharaoh. Sorry, we couldn't find geographic distribution information for Ptah. He had to be defeated to establish the cosmos itself, and still lurks beyond the edge of the world, ruining stuff. I swear that’s his actual hat. But he didn’t last long, because his brother Set killed him, and dismembered him, and for good measure scattered his body across Egypt. Honestly, my favorite thing about Seshat is her leopard-skin dress. There were plenty more I didn’t bother with because they were minor, or only worshipped in one town, or were just another god by a second name. What did your Ptah ancestors do for a living. Ra / Re / Thot Gods of Knowledge, Wisdom and Sun. EDIT: An earlier version of this had Apep listed as Apophis, which was his name in Greek. More to come soon. Similarly to cities of today, each city of Ancient Egypt had its own theories and own way of doing things. He hated the idea so much that he forced them apart, holding Geb down and Nut up, which is how we ended up with the air between the earth and the sky, and also how we ended up with so many fantastic paintings of this. Ptah was seen as the creator of all the other gods, the sun, and was responsible for the ripening of vegetation. Her name literally means “female scribe” and she’s a goddess of more or less everything related to writing. The Greeks knew him as the god Hephaestus, and in this form Manetho made him the first king of Egypt. A Canaanite god of plague and war who, like Qadesh, was later incorporated into the Egyptian pantheon. During the Greco-Roman period, Memphis lost much of its importance to Alexandria. There are many familial relationships within the Osirian pantheon shown on the family tree diagram below. There are 71 census records available for the last name Ptah. Ok, before you ask, Set’s head doesn’t look like an actual animal because Set has the head of, literally, the Set Animal, which is a sort of black-skinned, square-eared, curvy-snouted dog-thing that only appears in Egyptian mythology. Oceans = his tears.” See the entry under Shu for the rest of that story. During the contests between Horus and Seth, she warns that if Seth doesn’t do what she says, or she’ll make the sky fall, and while I assume she meant it literally, I like to imagine it more like that scene from Hero. Wadjet was the goddess and protector of Lower Egypt. Simply start with a family member and we'll do the searching for you. Every human pharaoh is an incarnation of him. Set was so transgressive that he wasn’t even a normal animal. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. Next, a disclaimer: this family tree isn’t, strictly speaking, historically accurate, because what we think of as The Egyptian Pantheon is really a whole bunch of similar-but-not-identical pantheons which were mostly based in individual cities – Thebes, Heliopolis, Memphis, etc. Ptah was said to be superior to Atum who created his Ennead "by his semen and his fingers". He was sort of the original creator god, but over a few thousand years he got replaced by/combined with Ra, who was in turn replaced by/combined with Amun. A Canaanite sex-goddess who was incorporated into the Egyptian pantheon and became pretty popular. . The actual, historical Imhotep lived during the third millennium BCE, and was an advisor to the Pharaoh, a priest of Ptah, the architect behind the first pyramid, and apparently enough of a medical genius that within a few centuries of his death, he’d been combined in the public mind with a few other legends and was worshipped as a god of medicine and healers. View Social Security Death Index (SSDI) for Ptah. But it magic only lasts so long and he died again, this time to unlive out the rest of his undays in the underworld as the chief deity of the afterlife. It’s an adjective used to describe statues and religious icons that have erections, and Min is a prime example. Bes is an interesting one. The SSDI is a searchable database of more than 70 million names. I also read another story where Ra was super bummed, so Sekhmet cheered him up by getting naked. Soon after, Set goes bragging that he’s done the “work of a man” on Horus, which Horus denies, so one of the gods calls for their semen, and Set’s answers from a swamp, and Horus’s answers from inside Set. You can help us by expanding it. Apep was blamed for more or less everything bad – storms, famines, invasions, earthquakes, etc. A general family tree that connects these gods and goddesses will also be provided. The sites in and around Memphis became quarries for building projects in Cairo and the Temple of Ptah was destroyed. . He was depicted with a beetle for a head. She’s the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus, which makes her the symbolic mother of all pharaohs. ; Itakayt . She was also associated with bows and arrows. and Sebat . The people of Memphis believed that their god Ptah was the most ancient and pre-eminent of all the gods. Ptah is also the one who created humanity by scultping them at a potters’ wheel, although in some traditions Khnum did that instead. A lot of goddesses who were imported from areas to the east of Egypt wound up incorporated in the pantheon as daughters of Ra, I think because the sun rises in the east? Genealogy for Nefru-Ptah Princess of Egypt ., Princess of Egypt (deceased) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. Anuket, like Satet, was a goddess of the Nile. Have you ever heard the word “ithyphallic?” I hadn’t ether. You know, I think this is the first time I’ve ever read of a god disapproving of incest. So Ra orders thousands of jugs of beer be dyed red and dumped everywhere, and blood-guzzling Sekhmet gets so drunk that she can’t finish driving humanity extinct, the end. Ain’t No Tragedy Like An Ancient Greek Tragedy, When We Thought Radioactivity Was Healthy, When the US (almost) Nuked North Carolina. A ram-headed god of earth and water and craftsmanship, who (depending on the version you read) created humankind on a potters wheel. An unusually short lifespan might indicate that your Ptah ancestors lived in harsh conditions. He’s a god of male fertility who is almost always depicted with one hand in the air and the other around his, ahem, ithyphallus. In ye olden days, the story went that Atum created himself, and then created the next generation of gods, either by spitting or by combining the “divine female creative principle” that dwelt within his hand with the divine male creative principle that dwelt exactly where you’d expect. This page is a stub. ancient Egyptians weren’t big on willfulness or introversion or individualism, and Set was all of those, too. EDIT: It occurs to me that I should maybe give this one a little more explanation. Ptah Name Meaning Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics (like red hair). Site built with Wordpress, Frumph's Comicpress theme and a lot of tweaking. In the triad of Memphis, he is the spouse of Sekhmet and the father of Nefertum. Ptah … For revenge, Horus goes into a garden and “fertilizes” a bunch of Set’s favorite lettuce, leaving Set none the wiser. He was the creator of all good things, such as food, drink and the offerings of the gods. She’s usually depicted as a woman with a legless, clawless, stingless scorpion on her head, because she renders scorpion poison harmless, but I drew her with a legged, clawed, stingered scorpion instead because when I tried the alternative it looked like a shrimp.