Passive Voice Exercise. Get is often used instead of be in the passive voice in informal spoken English to refer to an action that happens by accident or unexpectedly:. For both structures, the verb tense of get changes based on whether you're talking about the present, past or … 1. Participles - Learning English. Exercises; Explanations; Courses; Irregular Verbs 3 Past Participle Exercise 1. If I have nothing to do, I get bored. Task No. November 14, 2018 - Convert the following sentences in the active voice into passive voice. Jerry got fired because he was always late for work.. Get expresses action and change and is only used with action verbs, not state verbs: It is hard to tell the difference, especially when no by-phrase is present. In this exercise we can practice some tenses for the passive, the form (to be + past participle). The Passive (to be + past participle) Downloadable worksheets: Introducing the "Passive Voice" (1) - Basic rules for Upper elementary and Intermediate students loved. (In other words, "I become tired," or "I grow tired.") She got upset. English Exercises > passive voice exercises. Put in the verbs in brackets as Past Participle into the gaps.. Show example ... Wrong! Past participle Exercises - intermediate 01 # not suitable for all phones. – Learning English Online © 1999-2020 Past Participle, Participle constructions - Exercise - Learning English. The boy killed the spider. Here's another interactive exercise about irregular verbs - you can practise making the past participle. In the simple past tense, we make the passive forms by putting was/were before the past participle form of the verb. get + past participle. A PASSIVE SENTENCE; Get before a past participle is often ambiguous as either a passive verb form or participial adjective. Passive with GET + PAST PARTICIPLE 1. When "get" is used with a past participle, it has the same meaning as "become" or "grow." 2515. He loves me. This time, this exercise about irregular verbs is to practise making the past participle. am loved . / I ..... by him. have loved . PASSIVE / PAST PARTICIPLE VERB FORM: She was upset by her experience that morning. Some Examples: If I work for a long time, I get tired. The get-passive has two structures: get + adjective and get + past participle. 2. Their car got stolen in front of their house last night.