Snowstorm on March 24, 2020, at mid to north end of Kootenay Lake. It used to be sunny everyday around here this time of year for as long as I can remember. Not all risky days will have rain/snow. Even local short range daily forcast can be fickle, but they too are still in my tool kit. 1st July right now, probably 8 degrees and raining all day. This I always consider along with TOFA. Time to move somewhere where it is warmer and the climate is milder, Submitted by Laura on March 13, 2020 - 4:25pm. Waaaay off base!! September and October will be slightly warmer than normal, with below-normal rainfall. Seems out by 1-2wk.s, which is not too uncommon. See long range weather forecasts for the next 60 days from The Old Farmer’s Almanac! Monday, 20 August, 2018. Submitted by Iain B on July 2, 2020 - 2:27am. Things are a foot and the earth don't seem to happy anymore, not good. Note: Long range forecasts are regional, not city-specific. Please verify any information in question with the Town of Osoyoos. I just went to the weather network and read their summer weather prediction and it is so far off of what is actually happening its laughable. Weather climate statistics include monthly averages, maximum and minimum average mean temperatures, mean rainfall, mean snowfall & daily high and low extremes for temperature. The same happened to mountain ash trees. September 30 The most well-attended outdoor wine festival event in the Okanagan attracting 4,500 attendees annually. In my experiance I find that the wk of the full moon (moon full mid wk) is when I expect a greater weather change. Regional Transit Service Public Information Sessions on August 16. Why are the reminder plantings emails not coming anymore...I use it all year long as my only guide. Family Day Skate at Sun Bowl Arena on February 17. To see long term forecasts for the entire year, pick up a copy of The 2021 Old Farmer’s Almanac, available online and in stores. Sunday, 15 September, 2019. REQUEST FOR QUOTES Removal of Third Party Signs. Here are the regions that neighbor the Southern British Columbia long range weather region: Submitted by Brian Anderson on August 26, 2020 - 12:23pm. Check In Date. Temperature (°C)-2.9 0.9 5.2 10 14.6 18.5 21.5 21.2 16.2 9.5 3.2 CALL US 1.888.755.3480. Last year was bad as well.... looks like all the nice warm weather has been shipped up north and back east....... all the predictions have been wrong, Submitted by Jason Boron on July 7, 2020 - 11:13pm. Tuesday, 04 September, 2018. April 2 water froze overnight. It has not been usual weather for the area. I hope the predictions continue to be wrong in the right way! Submitted by CC on April 2, 2020 - 4:13pm, It is very cold. deer eat mountain ash berries in winter. The t.v. Submitted by Slam on January 26, 2020 - 10:05am, Long range for cast has been pretty good. Something switched that's for sure. Those who expect accurate daily predictions 3 months advance are not being sensible. I pay attention to the weather and my memory is sharp. Children(2-17) Check Availablity. Now all I get are the store, ads and stuff I dont need. Careers; Book Online; Real Estate Opportunities; Live Cam . For the past two years, maple buds have frozen on trees thus not producing flowers or seeds. Summer will be cooler and rainier than normal, with the hottest periods in late June and mid- to late July. In Osoyoos, the summers are warm, the winters are freezing, and it is dry and partly cloudy year round. Thank you TOFA, Submitted by Cyril Snear on January 14, 2020 - 11:55pm, Submitted by Al on January 13, 2020 - 5:22pm. Canada's warmest welcome ®*