Why can’t Regina just catch a BREAK on this show? Because it’s Red. They see the signal and head inside, joining up with Snow, Regina (Lana Parrilla), Henry (Jared Gilmore), and David (Josh Dallas). Belle feels she was manipulated into damning Gaston’s soul, and perhaps she was, as Hades beams over the wilting of a flower growing by the curb — which he then gifts to Zelena. What the hell is RED doing in the Underworld? I loved Regina and Zelena’s sister talk, however short it was, because I’d really love to see Regina and Zelena trying to reconnect on a mature level. Zelena says if Hades wants something, he’ll never give up which makes Regina curious as to how she knows that. Because now, Belle has taken away hope. Snow wants in on the adventure and Regina heads out to find Zelena (Rebecca Mader) to learn Hades’ weakness. Gaston says he’s only trying to protect the kingdom, but Belle says he’ll have to shoot her first if he wants to kill the ogre. Gaston’s first attempt on Rumple’s life with an enchanted arrow misses its mark — and in turn alerts Belle to the fact that Rumple killed her fiance all those years ago. Gaston is of the mind that ogre = evil, no matter if it’s an innocent kid or not, and that they should kill him. She sends Rumple off, saying she can get through to Gaston. That’s not what being a hero is about! MIC. Belle eventually agrees to the hang, and during a stroll with Gaston they discover a “baby” ogre trapped in a pit. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. They spot it and Emma zaps it with magic. Bribing her with her baby, he tells her that if she lets Gaston and Rumple face off with each other so that one of them can throw the other into the River of Lost Souls, he’ll remove the mark on her baby. All Rights Reserved – Showbiz Junkies 2020, ‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 5 Episode 17 Recap: Her Handsome Hero, Music Artists – Album Details, Biographies and News, Celebrity Interviews – Actors, Writers and Directors, Celebrity Charities, Biographies, and Info, ‘Containment’: Chris Wood and Christina Moses Interview, ‘Transplant’ Season 1 Episode 9 Photos: Preview of “Under Pressure”, ‘Emily in Paris’ Will Return for a Second Season, ‘Texas 6’ Docuseries Trailer: On and Off the Field with a 6-Man Football Team, First Look: ‘Godmothered’ Photos Starring Isla Fisher, ‘United States of Al’ Comedy from Chuck Lorre Gets a Series Order, ‘The Spanish Princess’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: “Plague”, ‘Filthy Rich’ Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: “Proverbs 20:6”, ‘The Blacklist’ Season 8 Episode 1 Preview: Photos, Cast, Plot, and Trailer. Have Gaston kill Rumple via some lethal arrows so that he can get his revenge on the man that put him here in the first place. Gaston trusts her – even though they’ve just met – and off they go to find a different way of getting the info from the ogre. Back in time, the ogre is being chased by Gaston and his men on horseback. Just then he hears something in the woods and takes off, bow ready, to shoot it. Also, hadn’t Belle rejected the deal earlier? Snow explains why they’re hiding and Emma tells them it’s because she saw her mother die in the dream, and Regina says maybe the dream is actually about Emma working out some issues. Then he notices a flower sprouting through the destruction of the pavement, plucks it, and walks away. Gaston compliments her and tells Belle her mother must have been special to raise a daughter with so much fire. That’s why I love you,” says Belle, kissing him. Gaston chooses to stay while Belle and her father retrieve the mirror, and when they come back, they find Gaston hurt and knocked out. (Y’all, Belle’s smarter than every single one of you.). One of the more ingenious aspects of season 5’s first story arcs was keeping the competing timelines in play for the entirety of the first half. They need Gaston’s family’s army but they won’t help unless she marries Gaston. Being a hero is about strength and brutality! There, Belle yells at Rumple for never telling her he killed her fiancee. Regina meets them and Emma tells her about the monster, which Therapist!Regina realizes might not be a monster but Emma working out her issues. They need to use the Mirror of Souls and if there’s evil in their soul, their eyes will glow with fire. YOU are.” She forces him to go through her if he wants to shoot her, allowing the ogre to escape. He needs Gaston to kill the Dark One by using special arrows. Snow refuses to let her daughter feel guilty for herself, claiming, “Love is worth it.” Beats Hades’ attitude on love, which makes you do stupid things. Regina wants them to try and act like sisters, asking what happened between her and Hades. He says his love life has been empty and he’s spent his life looking for someone like her. But, he can’t use dark magic to fix it. Regina explains the squiggly lines are the only way to break the protection spell Hades put on the elevator. He reminds her she saved him, and she reminds him they’re all still trapped in the Underworld and she’s the one who brought them there. Or, she can until Hades comes and offers her a deal because Hades LOVES deals! At the graves, Emma is trying to re-create the spell when her dream starts coming true. Belle pleads with Gaston that there must be another way, but Gaston says he can’t let the Beast go free. Belle’s looking through drawers at the pet shelter and wants Rumple to use his magic to open Gaston’s locker. Speaking of mothers, Emma yelling “mom!” makes me have feelings. Belle, taking a deep breath, agrees. There’s a shard left which is enough for Belle to see Gaston’s eyes are glowing red.