My boyfriend calls me Shorty because I pick on him for being short when I’m 5 inches shorter than he is. ), Psycho Jellybean (revenge can be taken with just a slingshot and some jellybeans), Quality Control (makes sure things are in tip top shape), Ragdoll (A girl that always buys used clothes that are in decent condition. I've never lived it down. ), Great White Hunter (a large muscular albino who likes to hunt), Gunslinger (Someone who makes reckless decisions that are successful 50% of the time. ... You can read more on Wikipedia. That's how I came up with my name: ControlledChaos1. ), Venom (been bitten by poisonous snakes several times and still alive), Verbal (a real talker or not if used sarcastically), Vertigo (someone who is not afraid of heights and has above average balance), Wedge (used to give a lot of wedgies when in high school), Wimpy (for people who really like hamburgers), Yawning Lion (someone who is dangerous but looks lazy), Young Man Winter (plays in the snow like he did when a child), Zartan (someone who is a big fan of the GI Joe villain from the cartoon), Zod (believes they always should be in charge). Don (author) from Tennessee on August 29, 2019: Two good nicknames that come to mind immediately are "Wooze" and "Zybot". Juliana Ramirez, his wife, is one of his biggest reasons for coming back. Good luck on finding that perfectly cool nickname and thanks for giving the article a chance. ), Chewbacca (a guy with a lot of hair and not just on his head), Colossus (I gave this nickname to a weightlifter friend of mine who loves the X-Men. ), Diamond in the Rough (said about him by many girlfriends), Dice (For a person that likes to curse; after Andrew Dice Clay. Popular Stories On ThePostGame:-- Undrafted Kellen Moore Gets First Taste Of NFL At Lions Minicamp-- The Olympics' Most Controversial Athletes-- Mother's Day Has Extra Meaning This Year For Olympic Decathlete Ashton Eaton-- New Nike Olympic Track And Field Suits Were Inspired By Golf Balls. Even though some nicknames are embarrassing, they still mean a lot. Is this sentence correct ? My friends began calling me "Scatter" a few years ago after I threw a bunch of very small objects all over the lawn while I was drunk. Below you'll find name ideas for Manny with different categories depending on your needs. ), Critter (For a guy who doesn't like to keep himself clean. X3, My friend nickname is panda the reason why is because well my friends watch a lot of YouTube and one youtuber my friend watches is nicknames panda or something but the friend we call panda she nicknamed after that youtuber because she reminded her of the youtuber so that’s where the name panda came from. It can also be used as a first name or middle name if you like to have your son have a name that will not be shortened. If you are creating a nickname for somebody … Gấu Khủng Long from Vietnam on May 25, 2016: My nickname is Doremon - name of a friend set me. "Now they call me 'Manny Angelico,'" Ramirez told He was "Manny being Manny" in Boston, "Mannywood" in Los Angeles, and now Oakland will get its own handle. The reason is when I was drunk one time during College I was acting like a opossum. p̴̢̨̦̮̰̙͓̖̉̆̆͘y̴̛͍͙̻̓̈́̐̊̀͊̓ŗ̸̫̦̍̕r̷̡̨̙͉͙̝͖̈́̀̍̓͒̑h̴̛͖͈̲̫̠̳͕̍͂̍̂̅̑͜͝ͅi̷̪̠̓̆̄͠c̵̡̫̩͇̘̱͔̩͖̊̓̄̑͝͝_̷͖̦̼̖̘̞̦͛̃̇̈́͆̾̇͝ḿ̴͙̘̜̞͇̇͒o̷̢̪̙̦͔͈͚̪͍͎̔͌̒̿̕č̵̫̣͚̻̱̹͖͉̝̾̐̈́͊̿̒̽͗h̵̪̟̰̱̭̯̖̆̄̈́̋̚i̷̧̦̣̠̭͐̅͒̌̇́̆̋. Please click here for more information. A nickname is like a name that really isn't yours, but is. The nickname Manny can stand for many names especially those with Spanish origin: 1. Blank ballots: 'I could not give my vote to either person', Britney Spears will not perform again due to legal setback, Student debt cancellation in focus amid Biden transition, How Va. gym managed to avoid coronavirus outbreak, AP drops CMA Awards coverage over dispute, Le Batard rehires laid-off ESPN producer after 'hurtful' cuts, Can dead people vote? They called me this because I'm all the time drawing stuff in my notebook. ), Cajan Lady (Well spoken with a Louisiana accent. ), All Natural (No plastic surgery, even though they look like they have had it.