However, the optimum content of fluoride in the drinking water is 0.6 to 1.5 mg/l. Reference: WikipediaWarning: Contains invisible HTML formatting. There is no solid and hazardous waste generation due to the proposed project and consequently any adverse impact on land is not envisaged. The pH of the soil is an important property; vegetation cannot grow in low and high pH value soils. 16 Fire water pump house 40 m x 10m Business Process Re-Engineering exercise, creation of Strategic Business Units, ERP implementation, Organizational Transformation, Balanced Score Card, Competency Mapping, benchmarking of refineries and terminals for product specifications, ISO certification of Refineries and Supply Chain Management are some of the initiatives that broke new grounds. All the results observed where within the specified CPCB Standards. 22B Connecting platform 3m x 32m The LPG bottling plant will be operated in two shifts /day and 300 days/year to achieve the targeted production by making use of facilities listed In groundwater samples collected from the study area, the total dissolved solids (TDS) were found to be varying between 425 mg/l and 814 mg/l. Description of baseline environmental status and the impact on the existing environment after construction and operation of the proposed project have been detailed with respect to the following components of the environment. 6 Plantation 242.2 The LPG bottling plant will be operated in two shifts /day and 300 days/year to achieve the targeted production by making use of facilities listed • Fluoride is the other important parameter, which has the permissible limit of 1.5 mg/l. By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use of cookies. Quality: 1.2 Structure of EIA Report The characteristics of the samples collected within the study area were found well within the permissible limits of Drinking water standards(IS 10500). The project proposal is only for installation of 3 x 300MT Mounded storage vessels. Proposed Facilities 3 Empty cylinder cum filling shed 85m x 40m Thus, there will be no change in the soil characteristics, land use pattern and landscape due to the construction & operation of the proposed facilities. • DO was observed as 5.9 – 6.2 mg/l . 5 Pressure Testing shed 40 m x 25m 29 - 10m x 10m For installation of 03nos of mounded storage vessels, about 200 construction workers would be required. No: 744/1/2,744/1/4,744/1/3,744/14 & 744, Kamalapur (V&M), Karimnagar District, Telangana falling under category “B”. Total 34100 Geographically, the plant is at latitude 18°11'24.08"N; longitude 79°32'13.47"E; at an altitude of about 4m above mean sea level. The proposed Mounded bullets shall be installed in an area of 26.69Acres. 2.1 Project Description 2 Industrial 1440.9 It is n, Last Update: 2016-05-31  Hydrant network as above shall further be extended for Storage vessels area. The existing status of important environmental components and impact of project activities on them is summarized below. • The pH limit fixed for drinking water samples as per IS:10500 is 6.5 to 8.5 beyond this range the water will affect the mucus membrane and or water supply system. • Presence of Nitrate was recorded as 3.1 – 7.9 mg/l. 1. It has approximately 33% of LPG connections and to meet the increasing demand HPCL proposes to construct new LPG bottling plant at 744/1/2, 744/1/4, 744/1/3, 744/14 & 744, Kamalapur (V & M), Karimanagar District, Telangana 13 Air comp. A3 26 77.1 59.4 67.4 75.1 26 36.9 28.4 32.2 35.9 26 11.9 9.1 10.4 11.6 26 20.6 15.9 18.0 20.1 ఒక్కో నారనుండి సమానమైన దూరంలో వరసగా జిగురుపదార్థం చుక్కలు క్రిందకి సమంగా వస్తాయి, కాబట్టి ఆ. The variation in the noise level may be attributed to the movement of vehicles on the surrounding local roads adjacent to the plant. . Quality: అతి చిన్న ముత్యాల హారాలు క్రిందకు వ్రేలాడుతున్నట్లుగా కనిపిస్తాయి. The Chloride levels in the groundwater samples collected in the study area were ranging from 116 - 238 mg/l. mucus translation in English-Telugu dictionary. 13 Air comp. 18 Service water tank with pump shed Ǿ2.4m x 3.5m 24 Visitors parking and two wheeler parking 20m x 5m To evaluate the baseline ambient air quality status, one season data was generated at eight 2.2 Description of Environment & Identification of Anticipated Impacts S.No LU/LC class Area in hectare నిలద్రొక్కుకొనుటను మరియు పిల్లవానిగా వృద్ధియగుటను అడ్డగించును. The Environmental Impact Assessment Documentation has been prepared in terms of EIA notification of the MoEF dated 14-9-2006, as amended on 1st Dec 2009, 4th April 2011 for seeking Environmental Clearance for M/s Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Construction of new LPG Bottling Plant situated at Sy. Existing Ambient Air Quality 23 Drivers Amenity 20m x 5m Risk Assessment for the proposed project has also been carried out and necessary safeguard measures have been discussed in chapter -7. 8A Gate cabin 3m x 3m • The permissible limit as per IS:10500 for hardness is 600 mg/l beyond this limit encrustation in water supply structure and adverse effects on domestic use will be observed. The operation of the proposed project would result in positive impacts such as industrial and economic development and generation of indirect employment opportunity M/s. . . Dictionary Words List. The Goal of the project is to attain rural penetration of HPCL bottled LPG Cylinders in the State of Telangana in a Safe & Environmental friendly way, and the objectives to attain this goal would be construction & operation of 3x300 MT Mounded Storage Vessels, Bottling Capacity of 60,000MTPA LPG Cylinders by following all applicable Safety & Environmental Regulations prevailing in the Region. • Total coliform in water was 235 - 2045 MPN/100ml. • All the heavy metals were found to be within below detectable limits. Hydrocarbons as Methane (mg/m3) and Non Methane Hydrocarbons (mg/m3) were monitored & analyzed at all locations and was found having an overall mean of 1.38ppm and 0.49 ppm respectively. A monitoring schedule with respect to Ambient Air Quality, waste water quality, Noise Quality prepared in consultation with Telangana Pollution Control Board (TPCB), shall be maintained. The tolerance limit of 1,500 mg/l as per IS:2296 33 HT Yard (4 Pole) 3m x 3m 27 Watch tower 8 Nos  Ambient air quality monitoring at eight sampling locations within the study area. The TDS of all the samples were below the desirable limit. 23 Drivers Amenity 20m x 5m The normal range of pH in the soils is 6.0 to 8.5. It is found that Maximum Lday and Lnight was observed to be 67.3 at N2 and Maximum and Lnight was 55.0 dB(A) at N3. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2013-10-14 Source of Air Pollution: Surface water quality results are summarized below: Most of the essential nutrients like N, P, K, Cl and SO4 are available for plants at the neutral pH except for Fe, Mn and Al (not mentioned in the table) which are available at low pH range. HPCL continually invests in innovative technologies to enhance the effectiveness of employees and bring qualitative changes in service. Hence, installation of proposed Mounded Bullets shall not impart any adverse impact on existing air environment. • pH of the surface water collected was neutral with pH ranging from 6.85 – 7.36 The baseline ambient air quality status in the study area is characterized using the following sources of data: Mucus: Telugu Meaning: శ్లేష్మం, చీమిడి, చీము protective secretion of the mucous membranes / protective secretion of the mucus membranes / A viscid fluid secreted by mucous membranes, which it serves to moisten and protect. The quantity of waste water generation under normal operation of the plant is 5.2 KLD. Water Consumption: • Total hardness was found to be 258 – 558 mg/l. Mucus Meaning in Telugu. 26 Flood light tower 8 Nos • Total hardness was found to be 258 – 558 mg/l. 22A Connecting platform 3m x 32m Mucus from the nose. 27 Watch tower 8 Nos A7 26 72.3 57.3 63.2 72.2 26 35.6 28.2 31.1 35.6 26 11.1 8.8 9.7 11.1 26 19.6 15.5 17.1 19.6 29 - 10m x 10m 1. Usage Frequency: 1