The book's pages were mottled with brown stains. "Toasted skin syndrome" is what Swiss researchers have dubbed a mottled-skin condition caused by long-term heat exposure. His eyes were threaded with blood and his face was still pale from the winter but flushed, Some people suffer from sore throats, attacks of diarrhea or constipation, and their skin may have a, Juveniles appear similar to adults in non-breeding plumage, but the gray mantle is, True, the skin on his arms has been scarred and, His brindled hide had lost its luster, the short hair, The Ancona's feathers are black, some being tipped white, giving the bird a pretty, Originally known as Black Leghorns, Anconas have lustrous black feathers, some tipped with white, giving a beautiful, The fungus attacks all major varieties of bananas and plantains, turning the leaves a, The different types vary from grey iron which is machinable to either, The crinkles in the gold leaf highlight the delicate texture of lace, the, Females and males in non-breeding plumage are duller than breeding males, their backs, Beyond teal, his hunters returned with mixed straps that included shovelers, gadwalls and, He was leaning against the wall for support, his right arm and the crown of his head, As soon as de Rosarieux's line hits the water, a, The body is then stippled with a sponge soaked in black paint to give the body a, And wigeon and scaup, teal and shovelers, buffleheads and a few, There are two dining rooms, both tightly packed, both with, He twists his head, exposing one rheumy malevolent eye and half a, Dutchman's pipe is a root-hardy conversation piece with 8-inch. Using a coarse sandpaper, lightly remove some of the paper, leaving a mottled wash with highlights. francesca thinks, wandering around passing every Mottled shadow like a lost ghost. 14. Pouring the wax when it's too cool will give your finished candle a mottled, frosty appearance, which is kind of nice if you do it on purpose. The ninth grade, for civilians a long-tailed jay, for the military a rhinoceros with a buffalo-horn clasp. might have been black, but a floating sheen Mottled the blackness, a crawling gray like oil on dark water. These marbles are of a distinctive character, being usually mottled in bright shades of red, pink, chocolate and grey. Then an immature gannet came into view away out at sea, a huge bird, still in, 24. 15.many types of lobster, the south china sea are common lobster, lobster dense hair, Mottled lobster and lobster, and so beautiful. 3.the skin becomes Mottled blue or purple, then red. What is the meaning of mottled? 16.grown as a houseplant for its Mottled fleshy sword-shaped leaves or as a source of fiber. stipple the paint on to the surface, giving a mottled effect. Another really fun additive is parol oil, which is used to give the surface of your candle a mottled appearance, like snowflakes or starbursts. 31.we got a Mottled area here at the river mouth. greyade clashed against blade, bright flame met by mottled gray whilst all around them the struggle continue to rage. The wild stock is of an olive-green, mottled with dark brown above, and greenish-yellow beneath. Mottled sentence examples:1.they have angular features, bright blue eyes, and Mottled blue-white skin covered in hides and pelts.2.should have Mottled bloomy rind or interior may be chalky.3.the skin becomes Mottled blue or purple, then red.4.large gum tree with Mottled bark.5.the Mottled horny substance of the shell 19.herb of southwestern united states having dark purple bell-shaped flowers Mottled with green. If you like, you can add other colors to give it a mottled effect. typical graphitic cast iron results; or, as usually happens, certain molecules may follow one diagram while the rest follow the other diagram, so that cast iron which has both cementite and graphite results, as in most commercial grey cast iron, and typically in " mottled cast iron," in which there are distinct patches of grey and others of white cast iron. His face mottled with anger, he released her with a curse and paced. standard. The hind wings on this side are ferruginous. The wild stock is of an olive-green, mottled with dark brown above, and greenish-yellow beneath. He was also the first to prepare blue, 19. 25.i term the soft moonlight was pouring in, and the Mottled shadows seem to have printed on my mind. Mum was slumped in a chair, glass-eyed, her face, 30. Mottled definition: Something that is mottled is covered with patches of different colours which do not form... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples He looked kind of mottled and anguished, but I guess he'll pull around all right. The downy stems reach a height of 2 to 4 feet, and are mottled with purple. Limestones and dolomites suitable for building purposes are obtained chiefly in Montgomery, Chester and Lancaster counties, and even these are generally rejected for ornamental work on account of their colour, which is usually bluish, grey or mottled. Look at these vegetables - they're all mottled and wormy. There are, of course, many other varieties in which one gets flowers splashed and mottled with various colors. "Toasted skin syndrome" is what Swiss researchers have dubbed a mottled-skin condition caused by long-term heat exposure.. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Short-eared Owls are medium-sized owls with mottled brown and buff plumage. The mottled wise old eyes saw deeply, saw. years of trudge? There was no chance of snowfall, and the sky was a fine. The enormous mottled maroon pterodactyl sadly turned its nose up at the rotting cherry gateau. The small development of Upper Carboniferous strata, visible on the shore south of Corrie and in Ben Lister Glen, consists of sandstones, red and mottled clays and purple shales, which yield plantremains of Upper Carboniferous facies. stained with spots or patches. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. The species and the numerous hybrids which have been obtained artificially, show a great variety in size and colour of the flower, including the richest deep crimson and blood-red, white, or with striped, mottled or blended colours. mottled in a sentence - Use "mottled" in a sentence 1. Curd soap and London grey mottled are prepared from kitchen or ship fat, whilst fuller's fat is employed in the manufacture of soft soaps. The Superman symbols turn this kind of mottled, leprous purple, and the milk turns a lovely shade of blue, just like Aunt Beru used to make. Regular definitions added and latest articles, Copyright © 2010 - 2020 by AZdictionary. The wing-quills are brownish black, banded with mottled white, and those of the tail, except the middle pair, which are wholly greyish brown, are banded with mottled white at the base and the tip, but dark brown for the rest of their length. Often looks rather besotted with a congested, 22. 24.the dog's latin name means "painted wolf," referring to the animal's irregular, Mottled coat, which features patches of red, black, brown, white, and yellow fur. mottled definition: 1. covered with areas of different colours that do not form a regular pattern: 2. covered with…. 37.slender elegant tree of new zealand having racemes of red flowers and yielding valuable Mottled red timber. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. The bark of the older stems is of a bright brown, mottled with grey, that of the young twigs is ash-coloured, and glandular and hairy. There is also an article, written much earlier, by Ethel Dobie which also appears on this website, describing mottled budgerigars. However, frequent visitors include widgeon. 27. mottled in a sentence - Use "mottled" in a sentence 1. This property is usually obtained by mixing soft and hard soaps, or, more rarely, by adding gum tragacanth to a hard soap. The eighth grade, for civilians a quail, for the military a seal with a clear horn clasp. In most species of puffbird the plumage is, It tends to be seen sitting on barnacle-covered rocks, in only a few feet of water, where its, Each stem carries up to 10 nodding sulphur coloured flared bell shaped flowers, growing from a base of deep green foliage that has attractive, Its winter fur is long and bushy and predominantly a, We had grey, wrapover gym skirts that flapped open to expose our white thighs, They compete fearlessly for resources with each other and with the slightly smaller. 2.should have Mottled bloomy rind or interior may be chalky. Mealy: Ground color mottled with a paler color. 33.any of various trees or shrubs having Mottled or striped wood. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. 31. The result is a stunning, soft matt slightly mottled two tone finish. Its pale green leaves are mottled, and commonly dotted with purple and white. A tiny canary-yellow waterlily with heavily. The cheaper mottled and brown soaps have for their basis bone fat, obtained by treating bones with superheated steam or other methods. The word is also applied to a sort of tobacco, in which the stalks (of a mottled colour) are cut up together with the leaves. The flowers are larger than those of any of the group, the falls mottled with white and rich lilac both on the claw and on the broad rounded blade. The seventh grade, for civilians a mandarin duck, for the military a mottled bear with a silver clasp. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Brown and gold candles are also lovely options, as are candles in mottled fall shades or autumn gradients. He spun round with a scream and fell upon his back, his hideous red face turning suddenly to a dreadful mottled pallor. 8.calcareous very grainy backdrop of lime makes the whole space including large tv set off a very cool, rough texture and Mottled patches of cement to the wall varied. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. 23.common north american salamander Mottled with dull brown or grayish-black. Another characteristic is that the leaf and flower-stems are beautifully mottled with purple and green, while in H. niger they are of a pale green. Neimoidians are tall humanoids, with mottled green-gray skin and smooth noseless faces. We're silently praying for the moment we can plead sunburn and hide all out, 26. Of the vegetable oils, in addition to cotton-seed and coco-nut, olive oil is the basis of soaps for calico printers and silk dyers; castor oil yields transparent soaps (under suitable treatment), whilst crude palm oil, with bone fat, is employed for making brown soap, and after bleaching it yields ordinary pale or mottled. 7.the soft, pine-filtered light caught her Mottled russet coat. , Days later, Glenn’s bruised eyed is still mottled with black and blue colors. On the stretcher, so covered up that only his face was visible, lay one whom at first I failed to recognize, for the horribly contorted features presented a kind of mottled green appearance utterly indescribable. 38.she talks with the images in her memory, with the countless transient waves of rising and sediment, and with the Mottled lines in her paintings.