To know if your polling place is accessible: In addition, voters with disabilities may request to use the Remote Accessible Vote by Mail (RAVBM) system by signing up as described on Marin County's RAVBM page. The Secretary of State has a confidential registration program for victims of Voter's name, mailing address, birth date, and political party are public A copy of the mailing or advertisement, script or recording of phone call, transmission, or advertisement is also required. New residents may register from fourteen to seven days before the election and vote Starting 7 days before the election you may Any individual or committee that makes independent expenditures to support or oppose candidates for Marin County elective offices or County measures. may have to vote a provisional ballot, which may not have all of the candidates or measures No, not unless you want to. Then put your ballot in the mailbox. domestic abuse. to the polling place, and ask for a polling place ballot. updated information at least 15 days before the Easy. have your vote-by-mail ballot and the return envelope to turn in at the polls; You registered or updated your registration after the registration When will I get my vote-by-mail ballot and when can I vote? and receive notifications about the status of your ballot at all stages. Voters with disabilities may request to use the Remote Accessible Vote by Mail (RAVBM) system by signing up as described on Marin County's RAVBM page. security number and the voter’s signature are confidential for everyone. Your ballot will not be counted. Voters must re-register at their new address to receive election mail. Office or vote at the polls. Judicial and law enforcement personnel may obtain a court order If you forgot to sign your envelope, we will notify you. What is the difference between registration forms from the Secretary of State’s Office and the ones in the local Elections’ Office? early at the Elections Department office starting 29 days before the election. address on the form is located. Will the Post Office forward my vote-by-mail ballot to my new address? precinct needs bilingual poll workers. No, only if their business address is also their residence. You changed your name, but did not fill Yes there are rules. What other ways can I cast my ballot if my polling place is not accessible? Fill out and return the vote-by-mail application on the back cover of your County Voter Information Guide, or fill out our online vote-by-mail application. If you want to vote by mail for all elections, just check the box on the application. Elections Office and goes to Superior Court Office for the order at no charge. that are on the ballot for your current address. Under the California Election Laws you must re-register to vote. may request assignment to an accessible polling place by calling may vote at the Elections Office or give your Ten business days before the election, we get the ballots ready to count. You can register at the Secretary of State's website You must enter information about yourself so we can supply your data. Do you ever take my name off the voter registration list? independently and privately. Let us know if your You can find out if you are registered to vote in Marin County by using our online application. After you vote, the poll envelope” at the polls. This is your first time voting in a federal Can voters register at a business address? If a voter faces a life-threatening situation, can his/her registration be kept confidential? Device, to help you vote your ballot How can I know if my provisional ballot was counted? Is the voter's ID information confidential? You can re-register online, or call (415) 473-6456 to request a new form. What if the poll worker cannot find my name on the Roster? Voter Information Portal You must be a registered voter in Marin County to use this web application. Also, see Data Entry Tips, below. Yes! Unfold and inspect each ballot for damage. ", Fill out an application. What if I can't get to the polls on Election Day? No. What if I change my address, my name, or my party affiliation? Voter Information Portal Supported Browsers For an optimal site experience the County of Marin recommends using the latest versions (current and previous major releases) of … The Election Schedule will have a candidate list that will be updated daily with the names of candidates who have filed for a specific office. You can register online at the CA Secretary of State website. to make their voter registration confidential. Yes. If I am traveling, can I get my vote-by-mail ballot at a different address? (415) 473-6447. A poll worker will ask you to sign the Some precincts A voter who is unable to enter his/her polling place because it is inaccessible All state propositions are available on audio tape. Roster of Voters, and give you a ballot We mail election materials to all vote-by-mail voters starting twenty-nine (29) days before the election. party from the party on your voter registration form. These rules and all other campaign finance information are in the FPPC Finance Manuals on their website. Or you can apply to be a permanent vote-by-mail voter and get your ballot in the mail automatically before every election. California driver's license number or California Identification Number — both available at the Department of Motor Vehicles, or, if you do not have a driver's license number, the last four (4) digits of your Social Security number. Look for the word YES or NO near the symbol. Within 24 hours after the expenditure is made. If we can have bilingual poll workers. The voter will receive a notice that their names will be placed in the inactive voter file unless they reply to the notice. Yes. accessible for all people. works: Just let a poll worker know what kind of help Curbside voting for voters who cannot get You registered to vote by mail, but did You may request that a paper ballot be brought to you outside the polling If the County of Marin voter database is down, the Voter Information Portal will inform you that it could not find any registration data. Call (415) 473-6456. Where do I get a voter registration form? Can I make an appointment to discuss the nomination process and/or file my papers? Independent expenditure committees are required to file forms specified by the Elections Department office. Be sure to provide your mailing address. You requested a vote by mail ballot before the election, but do not scholarly, journalistic, or governmental use upon filing a form with the Elections Office You will put your voted ballot in the Elections Office in San Rafael where they are processed upon receipt. Click on a question to open and read its answer. Information on your voter registration affidavit will be used by elections officials to send you official information on the voting process, such as the location of your polling place and the issues and candidates that will appear on the ballot. If you are a person with a disability and require an accommodation to participate in a County program, service, or activity, requests may be made by calling (415) 473-4381 (Voice), Dial 711 for CA Relay, or by email at least five business days in advance of the event. Here are the main reasons why you may be asked to vote a provisional ballot at County of Marin: Elections: Register to Vote. Candidates can pick-up nomination papers during the filing period beginning 113 days and ending 88 days before the election. poll worker; In a Primary Election, you request a ballot for a different political information on the registration form, are voting for the first time in a election in Marin County. Persons who meet all of the following requirements are eligible to register to vote: You can register to vote any time, but if you want to vote in an election, your voter registration must be received by the Elections Department or postmarked by 15 days before that election. Who can obtain voter address information? Independent expenditure committees are required to file forms. not fill out a new registration form. We will give you or that person your vote-by-mail ballot. your voter registration form, and. use the information. If you do not mail your ballot, it must be returned by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day to a polling place or the Elections Office. election. registered, and you only voted once in this You must apply in person at the Elections Department office. out a new registration form. If it is too late to mail you a replacement and return your ballot. Take the ballots out of their envelopes and set the envelopes aside.