Fixed an issue where if Blaster’s Afterimage Shock’s passive reactivation cooldown was in the buff window, using another buff would make it look like the cooldown reset. COMMUNITY. If this change messes with the 2 superior gollux pendant meta on GMS servers. Fixed an error where when using Dual Blade skills, the basic attack sound effect would be played together with the skill. You can only receive the rewards if you have purchased 1 VIP Membership Point from that day.
Fixed an issue in Fritto’s Treasure Hunt where the Bijoux de Rhinne’s effect appeared awkwardly. It also contains the 89th Special Label: the Circus Fantasy set! If you reach your daily limit of 17th Anniversary Coins, the Neon Mushroom Watching skill will be deactivated. 17th Event

Karma items can only be used on untradeable equipment. Fixed an error where Ark’s Returning Hatred sometimes did not deal damage. Aran’s Blizzard Tempest’s skill description has been updated to match the current logic of not gaining Combo from Blizzard Tempest’s attacks. Archmage (F/P)’s Fire Aura now has a 1 second cooldown to prevent it from being instantly cancelled if pressed continuously. You’ll get more points if your ranking was higher. When you buy a Membership Point, you’ll receive a VIP Coupon, which you can use to buy various items from the VIP Coupon Book in the Hotel Maple Lobby. If you try to enter Maple Union while you have characters that have not received their Union Raid coins, you will now see a list of characters that are currently in the exit map. The convenience when entering certain boss monsters has been improved. Keep up the great work and hope all is well ^0^ ❤ . mushrooms! This skill is only available for users with VIP CLASSIC or VIP ELITE rank. Bishop’s Holy Fountain’s skill description has been updated to match the current logic of “Not affected by cooldown resets and recovery skill eficiency boosts.” The Custom Command feature has been added to Bowmaster’s Arrow Platter, allowing you to install the skill using the Attack key instead of the NPC Chat key. Fixed an error where if Mercedes was using Sylphidia and a debuff removed it then you automatically reboarded it, the enhancement effect did not apply. Every time you do this, you will receive 1 Bamboo Shoot from Mugong, which you can use in Mr. Do’s shop. Fixed an error in Monster Life where sometimes the max text would not appear even if the Waru storage was full. Fixed an error where Wooden Lef and High Lef ears showed a lot of nearby skin awkwardly. Demon Avenger’s Demon Frenzy’s created demon’s blood’s attack range has been increased by 50% in the upwards direction.

Fixed an issue where if Dark Knight’s Reincarnation activated, Suu’s gravity reversal pattern would still move them.
Based on your VIP Membership rank, new items will be available for you to buy. Bishop’s Holy Fountain’s skill description has been updated to match the current logic of “Not affected by cooldown resets and recovery skill eficiency boosts.”. In Union Arena Season 1, all fighters have Battle Power, based on their level, Star Force, and Arcane Force. The winter GMS patch 2020 will be our answer, If they wreck our dual pendant superior gollux set up letz full boycott by community please and thanks! The specific list of items it can be used on is: The Meso Shop will be open from April 23 to June 14. Fixed an error where sometimes the Guild Mark would not appear. Not sure, I just finished the quests and I don’t think I heard it there , Max if you can answer me please, do this summer update change classes skills to client side? Wings’ usage was very different depending on the knowledge of the player of being able to cancel the action with certain buff skills that had no use actions. This is the ranking system for this anniversary. Notes: All of these item limits are per character. Pet equipment descriptions that did not have their matching pet names have been updated with that information. Change ). Fixed an error where sometimes Androids were not visible. On August 23, the following benefits will be active: On August 30, the following benefits will be active: On September 6, the following benefits will be active: On September 13, the following benefits will be active: The Spiegelmann’s Lucky Boxes event will run from September 3 to September 16. Are bishops still viable for boss parties or is it better to go with F/P and do dps? When you click the View Details button on the Guild Benefits, you will be directed to the guide on the homepage. Based on your VIP Membership rank, new items will be available for you to buy. Fixed an issue with Luminous’ Liberation Orb’s active attack where if it hit certain monsters, sometimes the screen would turn white. Kerry will create a total of 20 cooking monsters over three waves, which give 1 17th Anniversary Coin each when defeated. You can participate in Union Arena if your Union is Novice 1 or higher and you have at least 6 characters that are level 101 or higher and have completed the 4th job advancement. ( Log Out /  The May Royal Hair Coupon is on sale from April 16 to May 20. Fixed an error in the SEED 23F where if you used the same hint multiple times then fell, the Alicia Soul Connecter would not move you to the correct spot.

In each round, there will also be 3 supporters who fight with you.

When you acheive the VIP PRESTIGE rank, you’ll also receive the Hotel Maple VIP Member medal (17 all stats, 850 HP/MP, 7 attack/magic attack). CLASS: Adventurer/Explorer EQUIPMENT TYPE: Magician PRIMARY WEAPON: Staff, Wand SECONDARY WEAPON: White Gold Book, Shield PRIMARY STAT: Intelligence (INT) LINK SKILL: None MAPLE UNION EFFECT: INT +10/20/40/80/100 BEST INNER ABILITY: Attack Speed +1, Buff Duration +50% JOB SKILLS: I: Magician → II: Cleric → III: Priest → IV: Bishop → Hyper Skills → V: Bishop Fixed an issue with Paladin’s Mighty Mjolnir where if it hit an enemy that disappeared at the same time, the shockwave would be activated at the wrong location. You can collect a total of 300 coins per day. 3rd: 1 coin every 18sec (3.3333 coins per 1min) Fixed an error where if you have not learned collecting/mining and try to collect/mine, you will not see fatigue-related information.

In addition, based on your cumulative number of wins over the event period, you can get the Cumulative Wins Mission rewards. Aran’s Boost End – Hunter’s Targeting command has been changed from ↓→↑ to ↓→↓ to prevent climbing on a rope while entering the command. When two of the same equipment in a set are equipped, only 1 of them will be applied to the set effects. Fixed an error where Adele could not complete the “Where is Jerome” quest in certain circumstances. Fixed an issue in Suu where if you died during the energy orb pattern and revived, the screen would remain darkened after the pattern ended. | Orange Mushroom's Blog, KMST ver. Thank you so much as always, Max ! Zero characters must be level 140 or higher to participate. You can only buy one of each ticket per day. The Regular Ears name has been changed to Human Ears. The Trendy Royal Face Coupon has been updated. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Updated information is highlighted in red. The Personal Shop will be open from April 23 to June 14. Fixed an error where if Zero used Transcendent Rhinne’s Blessing then attacked multiple enemies, the additional hits would not be activated. The Random Mix Dye Coupon and Random Mix Colour Lens Coupon will be available as well. Hekaton’s beginning effect and Kritias Invasion’s beginning notice have been removed. The Monster Collection Elixir gives 50% increased Monster Collection registration rate. Gold Apples have been updated with new rewards, including: Awake Event To prevent dying at the same time as entering, certain boss monsters have been changed. Fixed an issue where if Ark used Abyssal Recall, sometimes you would not be in the air. Fixed an error where you could not use Cube chairs in Arcana Deep Forest. Pink Bean can now start the Fox Valley theme dungeon. Only go Bishop for bossing parties if you are funded enough and your INT is high enough, as your most important 5th job skill Benediction depends on that. When you kill 200 monsters, Kerry’s 7 Star Business Trip Buffet will appear. Wild Hunter’s Howling’s self-only effects of damage reduction, maximum MP boost, and additional avoid have been changed to passive effects. The Star Force Elixir gives 20 Star Force. You can only accumulate online time on characters level 101 or higher. During Sogong’s Treasure Box, you will play 3 rounds. You can talk to Benjamin on the Hotel Maple Rooftop to enter Maple Punch King. Fixed an issue where if Ark used Charge Spell Amplification in Black Mage phase 4, the spell buffs would apply to party members. In Reboot World, the method of receiving the Reboot Gift Box has been changed. Fixed an error where the notation was different in each spot you could check a character’s hair and face information.

Urus’ Golden Time of 10am to 10pm will be continued. ( Log Out /