their love ballad of the century, or recite a sonnet to their beloved. Although their abilities to provide luck would be great, they most likely wouldn’t have any power over their enemies luck or the direct ability to lower luck. Your Maid A Maid is said to Make/Create their aspect and Make/Create through their aspect. It’s stuff like that, basically. A Maid of Light would invert to a Bard of Void. The Rogue would steal their enemies’ logic and give it to their team, making their teammates stronger and their enemies weaker. He has the power to destroy lives, which is fancy-talk for killing. Many Maids will feel discouraged from doing things for others because their efforts go unrecognized. At least a tiny one. She will also be able to make each player the appropriate amount of socially assertive (wow that didn’t make sense). Maid of Light: One who serves light by repairing and maintaing luck, knowledge and/or actual light. Every subsequent time you wear them, your luck for passing increases exponentially! The Page of Space is going to be an interesting member. ajeitadao 456k Followers, 992 Following, 1,064 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Jessica (@maidofmight) They need to learn to push last this lack and keep at it, even if it seems futile. If she has success in mind, then she would be a valuable player, however, if her morals are skewed problems might arise (see Vriska). To begin, all Maids have some sort of limitation they must learn to overcome. There are lots of braziares as well, which you must light to reflect the light off of the mirrors and find out where to go. The longer they are forced into a passive position, the more likely it is for them to retaliate. Witch: An active, most likely female exclusive class. Because Light players deal Also, they start off with little to no powers. “As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way”. The Maid may also create success and good fortune, allowing for goals to be accomplished successfully and with greater ease. Maids start off reliant on but have problems with their aspect. The thing with light players is that all the knowledge that defines their aspect can make it hard for them to work with others, usually making them believe they can make decisions on their own without having to consult their team either because they believe no one would listen otherwise or they simply just think they’re the only person capable for the job. A Maid of Light is not just a supportive player, however. Obviously, as a Page, if they are fully realized then they are going to be unstoppable. As their creations don’t need to be what comes naturally to their aspect, unlike a Sylph, they could create false information and trick others into believing it as fact. time, the Maid doesn’t like to give much of a warning before they start singing will run up and ask, “Wow, how do you think of stuff like that?” and the Maid How does one organize fortune? Her power would most likely be able to create fortune through something that looks like it has no fortune in it. I don’t know, I just got angry and it happened.” They used to be pretty In-game, whether or not their class and aspect align would depend more on what facet of Light the Maid was focusing on. The desire for control, the love of truth, the need to maintain that mental order… sounds a lot like a Maid of Light! She’d be a smart, quick thinking individual capable of 'translating’ between normal English and the mutterings of her more eccentric teammates. how to wash out ink stains or convince a store clerk you’re not a shoplifter Class: This one’s a bit harder to decide on its own, but think about how you typically react in a demanding or stressful situation.