8/3/2020 12:55 PM : Cold water temps at Lake Michigan are expected over the next few days. Waves at the beach are both lefts and rights. Wednesday morning’s water temperature there registered just 43 degrees. Click icons on the map for more detail. Waves at the beach are both lefts and rights. Great Lakes Marine Weather Portal - Includes point forecasts. ): What is the water temperature in Harrisville today. View information about nearby surf breaks, their wave consistency and rating compared to other spots in the region. Wear a quality winter wetsuit, a neoprene hood, gloves and boots. Spot Info. Current water temperature in Holland Great Lakes Water Level Data. National Data Buoy Center - Recent observations from buoy 45029 (42.900N 86.272W) - Holland Buoy, MI. Photos will be available to all users after verification by the moderator. Waves at the beach are both lefts and rights. Click below to view there surf guides. This camera is the first on Lake Michigan being used to predict rip currents. Please find below data on the swell size for Holland. The first graph below shows the height and direction of the waves in Holland for the next few days. Owned and maintained by Limno Tech The average water temperature in Holland in winter reaches 4°C/39.2°F, in spring 5°C/41°F, in summer the average temperature rises to 19°C/66.2°F, and in autumn it is 15°C/59°F. Image courtesy of the NWS. • Original content available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license, except where noted. Certified organic materials, made using renewable energy. Water temperature in Holland is expected to drop to 48.6°F/9.2°C in the next 10 days. Sometimes crowded. Administration National Oceanic and Atmospheric Watch out for rocks. Experimental Modernized Open Lake Forecast for Lake Michigan. A forecast by the USACE shows Lake Michigan-Huron water levels possibly tying the previous record for monthly average water levels in August. That will drop beach water temperatures dangerously cold. Lake Michigan-Huron — reported as one body of water by the USACE — was recorded at 3 inches above its 2019 water levels on Friday, July 31. Short period wind swells are the rule and the best wave direction is from the west. How warm is the water in Lake St. Clair?What is the water temperature in Harrisville today?Current water temperature in Gibraltar, If you have materials on this place, suggestions or descriptions of excursions or interesting places and you want to place them here, then send to admin@seatemperature.info. Holland in Lake Michigan is an exposed beach/Pier break that has quite reliable surf Offshore winds are from the east. The best conditions reported for surf at Holland occur when a West swell combines with an offshore wind direction from the East. Holland sea temperatures are maximum in early to mid August. Whenever we see northerly winds for a stretch of time during the summer, we tend to see water temperatures drop along the West Michigan Shoreline,” NWS meteorologists in Grand Rapids reported today. Take Our Survey Holland State Park offers a sandy beach along Lake Michigan with a beautiful view of sunsets and sailboats on the water. Some waterfront state park staff sent a message on social media today, cautioning beach-goers about possible hypothermia. Lake Michigan water levels remain near the highest observed monthly levels (since at least 1918). Forecast, Seal Level and Coastal Flooding Information, Coastal and Great Lakes Conditions Impartial reviews submitted by Surf-Forecast users. Holland sea temperatures peak in the range 20 to 25°C (68 to 77°F) on around the 8th of August and are at their minimum on about the 1st of March, in the range 2 to 3°C (36 to 37°F). The water temperature (11.7 °C) at Holland is quite cold. Waves less than a foot. NOAA - Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory Impressive data set shows July likely warmest of any month since 1850 worldwide. Surf stats for Holland, see the swell variation by month or season on the history page here. Lake Michigan water temperatures have dropped suddenly at some popular beach spots and are downright cold, according to the National Weather Service. Air temp height: 3 m above site elevation The image above is the NOAA view to observe rip currents. Please note that some surf spot locations are approximate to protect their exact location while others are not shown at close zoom level. Surfers should use a 2mm long sleeve shorty or a 3/2mm spring wetsuit if the wind is up. Water temperatures are calculated based on the data over the past 10 years. Great Lakes Open Lake forecasts are subdivided by zone, each identified by text description and a Universal Generic Code (UGC). National Ocean Service Tides/Water Levels Water Levels; NOAA Tide Predictions; Harmonic Constituents The swimming season in Holland lasts from July to September. • Current swell conditions from local buoys are shown along with live wind speed and direction from nearby weather stations. On Monday, lake temperatures in the greater Holland area ranged from the 50s to the 60s. Discover surf breaks near Holland. Water Temp. Holland State Park is not included in the NWS temperature lineup, as meteorologists had not yet received today’s data from state park staff there. The average water temperature in Holland in winter reaches 39.2°F/4°C, in spring 41°F/5°C, in summer the average temperature rises to 66.2°F/19°C, and in autumn it is 59°F/15°C. As a result, you will be able to get a fairly accurate idea about the average water temperature for this day.To find out what the water temperature was in Holland any day over a period of the last ten years, select the month: What is the ideal temperature for swimming? “This can take days or more than a week to recover, and will depend a lot on wind direction coming up.”. A windchill factor of (7.0 °C). The second nearest airport to Holland is Capital City (Lansing) Airport (LAN), also in USA, 134 km (83 miles) away. Disclaimer Subscribe to MLive.com. — Contact reporter Carolyn Muyskens at cmuyskens@hollandsentinel.com and follow her on Twitter at @cjmuyskens. The south side of the pier offers very clean, good-sized waves, up to 25 times per year. A north wind is causing a northerly flow in the water, pushing the warm water on the surface of the lake offshore and pulling cold water from deeper parts of the lake to the surface, explained meteorologist Bob Dukesherer of the National Weather Service’s Grand Rapids office.