Best of luck! Dec 13, 2016 - Explore Steven T anderson's board "king size storage bed plans" on Pinterest. Seriously, I could get used to this. And here is his response to your question: “The 3 inch post should lie just beyond the foot of the bed. Doncha think? The chair rail moulidng is placed at the tops of the legs. I also have a question about the construction . I love this bed!! To get rid of splinters, you’ll want to sand everything, as well. I really was. I fastened these two pieces together using metal right angle brackets, then installed them as a unit. However, you don't have a plan for my size bed. Won’t you grab a mug of yum, a comfy blanket, and stay a while? B = total height of the headboard (ours was 72″ from the floor up; decide how tall you want yours to be). Thanks, friends! Great post! A to C distance should be equal to B to D distance. You and Jeff have been such role models for us as a couple. Just the bedroom I want. While I would like to have bolts holding the headboard to the frame, there is very little room for a bolt between the inside edge of the headboard leg and the inside of the frame. BRACING. And yes, you read that right – you can make a bed frame yourself. And like, I wish my boyfriend was a handy as your hubby. Alex just about fell off his chair when he saw the plans and how this was all done. I would love it if you stopped by our Facebook page, and said “hello!” He seems to get it. You probably will make a few wrong cuts or holes, just like I did, but if you measure and plan before firing up your tools, it will work out much better. Blog by Moonsteam Design. The two part foot-piece at the foot of the bed (the one we are holding in step #7) is 79″ long on top and 70″ between the foot posts. Also, it has now been a year since you built your bed. You go girl, you are a DIY blogging superstar! . Only $34.99. Use 2×6 lumber for the support beam. And without any further ado, I give you my hubby, Mark, with the full run-down of How to Build a Custom King Size Bed Frame! SQUARING. Hope that helps. Drill pocket holes at top of the legs and insert 2 1/2″ screws into the top support. Mark really does care a lot about making things sturdy. Hi there! We have the pallets read to go. space them closer together). We've assembled a list of 20 DIY bed frame plans. @DanielleASB Will pass your sweet message along, Mama! Hi guys, I am seriously thinking about building my own Kin size bed frame and yours was one of the more interesting designs I came across during my browsing. Of course! 8. Stuck to your main structure but added some trim and shelves on a shorter headboard. . Now, the key to a good 5th post is that you need to fasten (2) 2×6’s together, with one of them long enough to fasten to the 2×4, and cut this newly created post about 1/4″ to 3/8″ too long. We recently bought a king size bed/set…but this may come handy for our old bedroom set now in our guest room. I think that’s the icing on your proverbial Nautical Bedroom Makeover Cake. Leave 1" to the top and attach side rails with nails and glue. If they are not, you and a helper will pull the 2 corners apart, pulling at the 2 corners that had a smaller distance. There are some weird options and some pretty basic ones. (1) 2×4 for left-right reinforcement across the middle. And don’t hesitate to ask us any more questions as they arise! Then i ran across your site! So, here’s his response: “The bed frame, if built by this plan, squared up, and fastened using bolts, is extremely sturdy, but the other key to sturdiness is the contact point with the floor. 10 of 13. Please review Disclaimer and Terms of Service. A lot will depend on your own personal preference for bed height and your exact mattress size…but we will get to work on updating this post in the coming months with some more detailed plans. And when he speaks of pictures, we snapped a few on our iPhone, and I will email them over to you now. I'm also confused as to how the footboard legs are constructed and attached. Graphics by Sincerely Peachy. We also stained our wood prior to assembly using Varathane “sunbleached” wood stain, which Lauren shared about in a separate video tutorial. I think it works better if you do this 5th post as step 10, rather than with step 6, which is why it is here. Since 2009. Then, remeasure and repeat until it is square. The only other design change/addition I would make is to make sure your left-right brace is securely anchored to the side rails. This is only a basic plan… I think I need to let you take over the blog more often. 4 - 2x4 @ 13 1/2". Thank you for always being so generous with your wisdom. We made the headboard ourselves! I love the sketches, too. For a large bed like a king, you will probably want a fifth post in the center. And I always save our biggest DIYs for the height of summer. Though I’ll warn you in advance, you may be blinded by the shine of sweat on my forehead because this went down in October, folks, and October was the height of our summer in Florida this past year. Love this tutorial! I used lag screws instead of bolts. Attach legs. It means so much coming from you, Ms. Upcycle Queen! I bought the lumber you listed last weekend and cut the legs today. C) That you are such a fantastic photographer. There are so many designs and plans to choose from when building a platform bed… Yes. I’m so happy you posted it and you have no reason to ever doubt yourself, you create amazing work! Okay, first of all, I think this might be the first time you ever linked to your blog, Denice, and I am kind of freaking out about it! (Especially one you made yourself.). and let my husband take over the rest of this blog post. Hey Shana. Good luck! Also, on the center panel, I think the picture shows a 1x2, not 1x3. 2 - 2x4 @ 80" Fun! Yes, now the headboard must be squared up with the bed frame. Remember to “measure twice, cut once.”  This is a saying in carpentry that is so true. You may even need bracing for the large right angle formed by the headboard and frame. Free plans to build a fancy farmhouse bed in king size from Inspired by Pottery Barn Somerset bed. It is easy to lose track of which pieces go together when you try to reassemble inside the room. well when we went there……”. Lauren It’s almost like reading another language! 2 - 1x3 @ 19" CUT TO FIT (inner frame sides) DIY King Size Bed Free Plans. I imagine writing this tutorial is going to take longer than actually building the bed, so let’s get a move on. The two part foot-piece at the foot of the bed (the one we are holding in step #7) is 79″ long on top and 70″ between the foot posts. Thank you!! Just wondering about the dimensions for the frame … SUPPORTING. I just finished this project as a wedding gift for my fiancé. Thanks, Toby! We lined the headboard up with the frame, clamped it, and drilled holes for receive 4.5 inch bolts and nuts with washers of course. Because we actually have time in our lives right now for such endeavors. 9. First, draw out your plan. Angie It really has been such fun discovering that we CAN be a team in this way; it’s new for us. Thanks, love! So glad you’re a fan. Great post, great project. DIY King Bed If you also lack bed space, then this DIY king bed frame is perfect. 3 - 1x8 @ 8 feet long The Hall Way has already built the King version by adjust the plans themselves, and look how beautiful this bed is!!!!. Use glue with finish nails for a stronger hold. And the fact that you articulated what you did from an outsider’s perspective, well, it really does give me such a sense that we did it right. Yep, blog and frisbee in the rain pretty much sums us up.) First, the 2 of you should raise the headboard upright, standing it on its legs (made of a 2×3).