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Anand Nayyar, Pijush Kanti Dutta Pramanik, Rajni Mohana, Houssam Benbrahim, Hanaâ Hachimi, Aouatif Amine, Madhavi Devi B, Smriti Agrawal, R. 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Finding minimum transmission radii for preserving connectivity and constructing minimal spanning trees in ad hoc and sensor networks. Synchronous distributed load balancing on dynamic networks. A framework for reliable and efficient data placement in distributed computing systems. Minimizing mean flowtime and makespan on master-slave systems. EdgeKV: Decentralized, scalable, and consistent storage for the edge. Improving communication scheduling for array redistribution. Optimal task scheduling algorithm for cyclic synchronous tasks in general multiprocessor networks. We encourage you to reciprocate by sharing your submission experience. Short and long term optimization for micro-object conveying with air-jet modular distributed system. Dynamic probabilistic broadcasting in MANETs. All settings here will be stored as cookies with your web browser. A dynamic and reliability-driven scheduling algorithm for parallel real-time jobs executing on heterogeneous clusters. Memory-side prefetching for linked data structures for processor-in-memory systems. Parallel recognition algorithms for chordal_planar graphs and planar. So please proceed with care and consider checking the Crossref privacy policy and the OpenCitations privacy policy, as well as the AI2 Privacy Policy covering Semantic Scholar. An overhead reducing technique for Time Warp. Massively parallel implementation of a fast multipole method for distributed memory machines. Improved one-to-all broadcasting algorithms on faulty SIMD hypercubes. The distributed virtual shared-memory system based on the InfiniBand architecture. Design and performance evaluation of load distribution strategies for multiple divisible loads on heterogeneous linear daisy chain networks. Dependable user-level socket over dual networks. Although we do not have any reason to believe that your call will be tracked, we do not have any control over how the remote server uses your data. Flow mapping on mesh-based deep learning accelerator. Scheduling directed a-cyclic task graphs on a bounded set of heterogeneous processors using task duplication. Privacy • Terms of Service. Add a list of references from , , and to record detail pages. CFP: Special Issue on Distributed Intelligence at the Edge for the Future Internet of Things - Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, SI-DIEFIoT-JPDC 2021 : Special Issue on Distributed Intelligence at the Edge for the Future Internet of Things - Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing,, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. CFP: Special Issue on Distributed Intelligence at the Edge for the Future Internet of Things - Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing Currently and even more in the future, business, industry, finance and retail, healthcare, media, entertainment and many others, are and will be completely managed, coordinated, and controlled using huge amounts of data. Performance analysis of dynamic load balancing algorithms with variable number of processors. Resource control for large-scale distributed simulation system over loosely coupled domains. Privacy notice: By enabling the option above, your browser will contact the API of to load hyperlinks to open access articles. Data discovery algorithm for scientific data grid environment. SCPE provides this avenue by publishing original refereed papers that address the present as well as the future of parallel and distributed computing.