4. If your grill or pan is large enough to accommodate the whole piece, you can leave it whole. Skirt steak is an inexpensive cut of beef taken from the diaphragm muscle. Skirt steak often comes in one long, thin strip. Skirt steak is cheaper than flank steak where I live and tends to be a smaller cut than the flank, but you cook … Otherwise, cut it into a few smaller pieces. The cut of the meat is thin, so you need to cook them quickly. It requires some knowledge if you want to properly cook it. The Best Way to Cook Skirt Steak. Here's how: Place steak on a cutting board, cover with plastic wrap (or place in a plastic bag), and … It ranks with filet mignon as my favorite juicy and tender cut. Dry and season the steak: Thoroughly pat steaks dry with paper towels on each side. This is important to seal the flavors and not to overcook the meat inside. Now you let the steak rest for 10 minutes. Also, need to sear then in a pan. The skirt steak comes from the diaphragm area–but both have worked hard and can be tough if they aren’t cooked and sliced correctly. The surface should be very dry to help brown the surface of the meat. Again, we’d have to let a larger steak rest for about 30 minutes, but since the skirt steak is so thin, there’s less work to be done. each. Skirt steak is a tricky cut for many. Cut the steak into workable portions. Even though it comes as a thin cut and you may think that just putting it on the grill is enough, it has lots of connective tissues and properly cooking it will require a little bit more than that. It comes in long, narrow strips about 3/4 lb. Marinate, slice and serve with cold sesame noodles Asian-Style Skirt Steak. Follow these two essential rules in cooking your skirt steak: you have to cook it in high heat, second is you need to cook it quickly. Generously season each side of the steaks with salt and pepper. Another way Rach likes to serve skirt steak is "very thinly sliced and mixed with Asian ingredients or dropped into a ramen bowl with vegetables and a little bit of soy sauce and white miso to flavor the broth."