They were jumping at leaves, never saw anything on the leaves picked up a bunch to see but they definitely were jumping at them. This channel also has range markers to guide you into the marina. The lagoons include three ponds: the Grave Yard Pond to the east, the Big Pond in the middle, and the Long Pond to the west. Nearly 27,000,000 Walleye are available t... Presque Isle State Park - I-79 North to Rt. Sacs, beads, jigs, and flies are all working right now. Suggested Location for Stocked Trout from Rick Road bridge downstream to Route 98 bridge. 17 in. The next access is at the foot of Lincoln Avenue. That’s the real point of this report let’s be brothers at the Anglers aboard Perch Pirate employ the drift-castretrieve approach using the Erie Dearie style weighted spinner tipped with a crawler. There is good shore fishing all along the South Pier. With fishing pressure high for weekend stealth is the key to success. They seemed to prefer anything white and minnow-like. Learn more here. Perch are reported in 47 to 50 feet of water off Shades, and lake trout are still being caught in 60 to 65 feet off North East. Although Misery Bay is the most popular location for northern pike fishing, they may be taken just about anywhere in the Bay. Fished from Friday to Sunday caught 3 fish were jumping crazy but not biting used a blue and sliver spinner fish were not active seen only 3 people land a fish out of like 20 recommended waiting couple weeks. Anglers are catching smallmouth bass in Presque Isle Bay using drop shot baits, small swimbaits, tubes, and jerkbaits. As explained on that page, there is some shore fishing for walleye in the spring, especially along Dobbin's Landing. Watch the radar and water gauges before planning a trip to streams. Wish I had a live well (though these big eyes aren’t as tasty as ...more the smaller ones). Crappies are ranging from 10 to 14 inches, and many are still carrying eggs. Largemouth Bass with a Gary Yamamoto Original Senko Worms. Squirmy worries, San Juan works, and mop flies all took fish. Don't forget to tie on a bead now and again also! Anglers have been saying that this is the best season that they have ever had despite the Covid-19 issues. Presque Isle: Continues to produce the same species in 50 to 130 feet with the same colored spoons. The new Erie County Public Library is located here. Saw 3 others landed. The most popular location for ice fishing is at the head of the Bay and in Misery Bay and Horseshoe Pond. the smallmouth, so nothing huge. The walls along the monument side are concrete. With the state in a virtual shutdown due to COVID-19, the one thing we can still look to for enjoyment is our time outdoors. Ice fishing on the Bay is popular in the winter when there is sufficient ice. Drive to the foot of Ravine Drive (off Virginia Avenue) to the bottom of the hill. Parking is available in the paved parking lot. The Presque Isle Marina is located inside this small lake. The lagoons area is an interesting and tranquil place. Most ice fishing is for panfish, especially perch. Unfortunately the streams are not currently fishable, but as soon as the water comes down, its FISH ON! The Bear River was high and muddy after the heavy rains. 2020 is a year to remember!!! Tight lines and screaming reels, Erie tributary's are constantly fluctuating with the amount of precipitation that Erie gets. However, none of these salmonoids is taken with regularity in the Bay. Water conditions are starting to bring chrome fish into the streams. The white bass spawning run up the Shenango River to as far as New Hamburg is reaching it’s peak. Rogers City: Anglers are catching lake trout, steelhead, Chinook and pink salmon, walleye and the occasional Atlantic or coho when fishing throughout the water column in 70 to 120 feet. Access is also permitted along the area between Pier 2 and Pier 3, and along the entire west side and north end of the Liberty Street Dock. Know it's a long shot, but would love to get the GoPro back for the fish pics. Whitecaps can be found on the Bay in heavy winds. Stop in and get a Limit-grabber stringer handle with stringer $2. Pier anglers caught rock bass and the occasional sucker. Trout are being caught across the district on everything from grocery store baits, such as bread and cheese, to power baits, spinners and lures, to the most intricately of tied flies. Best presentations have been jigs and sacs, don't be afraid to work the jig and get an aggression strike. Lots of baitfish were marked in 30 to 70 feet and most appear to … The area along Perry's Landing Marina and the Liberty Street Dock provides 4000 feet of public access for fishing and other recreational opportunities. Alpena: Those targeting salmon and trout caught a mixed bag of lake trout, steelhead, pink salmon, walleye, and the occasional coho when trolling spoons and spin-glo’s in 80 to 160 feet off Thunder Bay Island and the Nordmeer Wreck. The western end of the lagoons empties into Marina Lake, where the Presque Isle Marina is located. There is no access at the Metro Machine Dock. 2 oz. I removed the hooks and line, then released it. TIGHT LINES-Josh! Grannoms, hendricksons and blue-winged olives continue to hatch however, subsurface techniques are working the best right now. Caught another 3 1/2 lb bass. This time of the season a little rain fall can make all the difference in fishing. This blowout will clean up the stream and most importantly urge fresh fish from the lake to race upstream! There are a couple good pools of people with a pool of people. With a strong west wind, waves in the main Bay can exceed three feet. Oscoda: Anglers caught lake trout, steelhead, pink salmon, walleye, coho, and the occasional Atlantic or whitefish. Smallmouth Bass with a Ned rig. Some fish were caught between spinning gear and fly gear. If found please contact me via Email Dolmyster Tight lines. The classics seem to be working just like most years. 18 in. the smaller ones). Because the walls of the channel are high, this is primarily still fishing, although there is some casting for bass. Caught six smallies about this size. County Park trails are and will remain open. The "North Pier" forms the north side of the channel, and is accessed from the tip of Presque Isle State Park near Beach 11. Test ice thickness with an auger before recreating. Very few hookups. Good luck and stay safe on the water! A few salmon were found in the top 50 to 60 feet. Largemouth Bass with a Finesse jig. Since this is a constantly changing situation, make sure that you check with your local authorities to confirm the information. It is formed as Presque Isle peninsula arches north and east into Lake Erie, forming the Bay. This was the biggest of ...more the smallmouth, so nothing huge. Baetis nymphs and sucker spawn imitations are hot patterns to use right now. Turn right into the parking lot. To ensure public safety, volunteers will NOT be permitted to assist with stocking activities. It was a good weekend at Presque Isle. Bring hand sanitizer with you and remember social distancing, that is to stay at least 6 feet away from others in the park. The first access to the west is at the foot of Sommerheim Drive in Millcreek Township (just east of Peninsula Drive off West 6th Street).