As you go about your day, as often as you think of it, talk to God, even if it feels awkward or silly. In this sense, Jesus, the King of the coming Kingdom of God, was standing in the midst of the Pharisees.In this passage, entos (the Greek word that is translated “within”) can also be translated “in the midst of” (Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words). I simply did not have the power to do it. I had certainly tried everything Forgiveness Prayer – How We Can All Heal Together, Meditation Therapy For Personal And Global Healing. When the Kingdom of God comes to earth, it will rule over all the “kingdoms of this world” (Revelation 11:15). Wander around and you'll be drawn to what you need most at the moment. I can love myself by seeing myself through Source’s eyes. Even though the Bible speaks of our “citizenship” as being in heaven after we are baptized (Philippians 3:20), in order to enter the Kingdom of God, humans must be changed from flesh and blood into spirit, from mortal into immortal, at Jesus’ second coming (1 Corinthians 15:50-53; Hebrews 9:28). I repeatedly asked God, Source: God, please help me. Berean Study Bible The more I repeated it and made the effort to align myself with this God Energy, the more I experienced it.

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Then sit quietly and wait for Source’s response.

It is finding your true nature beyond name and form.”.

When you feel one, just keep your attention there and follow where it leads you. For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you (Luke 17:20-21). When you choose to simply and sincerely ask Source for help, energetically, you automatically turn toward Creator and away from contraction and separation.

Christ’s statement that “the kingdom of God is within you” is a poor translation from the original Greek and can be translated “the kingdom of God is among you.” Closer inspection reveals He was actually referring to Himself as a representative of that Kingdom.

I had no clue. Then Encouragement From WellBeing Alignment is emailed to you, usually monthly, with ongoing help and support on how to let suffering unwind on its own and know yourself AS, and align yourself WITH the shining light of pure Consciousness.You’ll also receive notice about new articles, special offers and deals for WellBeing Alignment Sessions. Please show me how to open to your healing. If your mind is revved up with thoughts, just say the word “God” (or whatever word fits best for you) or "Who is God?" Tell your trusted friend (Source) everything you need to, but also sit in silence and FEEL God.

There is a wealth of help here on this site for you. Those who are led by the Spirit of God are called the “sons of God” (Romans 8:14). God is with me.