This is probably the most subtle knife on this list, and certainly the one I’ve carried the most. The Gerber Ghoststrike has a really versatile sheath. He holds to the philosophy that one should hold a knife with the thumb resting along the spine. The rotating spring clip of the Backpacker Bowie sheath does allow it be carried vertically if that is your preference. They came with nylon horizontal sheath made so about an inch of each knife would stick out of each side so that you could pull a knife out of either side while either of your hands were otherwise occupied. In this case, we found out that the scout carry knife is better than the vertical one; the vertical carry knife is limited to one hand, which is not the case for the scout carry. 7. The other tip off is the orange-handle version, which is clearly for idiots like me who accidentally drop their knives in the woods all the time and can’t find them beneath the forest foliage. It sports a highly corrosion-resistant steel with a thin stock and G10 scales so it rides incredibly light. Now try to compare that with a vertical carry knife…. Fashion statements aside, it’s a lot less awkward to take out a knife strapped to my left hip than it is to do the rocking butt dance to get at the folder in my right pocket. What I love about this knife from Benchmade, is the simplicity and the efficiency and the fusion of good quality steel with a good design, this knife can be used for EDC and outdoor activities, if you’re a hunter, camper, fisherman, even a simple knife lover, and you search for a scout carry knife, this is your knife, it has a beautiful leather horizontal sheath, that offers you an easy carry. After some digging, I discovered if you start looking for Esee knives with the letters “MB” thrown into the product name you can find their knives being sold with their Cordura MOLLE backs, which is supposed to be an addition to the Kydex sheath. They’ve designed the kydex sheath so that the clips can be set in four different ways with screws, and the retention is so strong you could wear the knife upside down without it falling out. An angled carry can make the fixed blade easier to deploy from the sheath, make it more comfortable to carry, or allow more space for a pack or other gear. It’s easy to see why this carry position is one of the best ways to EDC a fixed blade. Nobody wants a knife falling out of their pants leg. Throw a chain on the sheath for that tactical dog tag look or a strand of paracord will do for the avid outdoorsman. Our decision was simply based on three reasons or “advantages” granted by the scout carry: Just try sitting down with a scout carry knife on a hammock chair, or any chair, you will notice the difference, its simply not in the way. As far as replacing, it’s tough to find a good fixed blade near the $10 – 15 range, but in terms of style your best bet might be the Buck 245 or the Esee 4.