Without a strong popular leader to hold the factions together, it all collapsed in short order. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Opportunity to be evil number 1 arises, he could take the chip, upgrade himself and kill you. Wish it did though. There are also few things as painful, because you also know that you can’t trust her (or your man) ever again. This is the big problem with the whole "using force to assert dominance over the region", we're not talking factions the size of the BoS or Enclave, we're talking about two massive governments that hold control over large amount of land and essentially control all trade and movement in the west coast. Of the other ones? That would be quite a disappointment. Probably a leftover line from when they were gonna let you play after the end. What makes an independent Vegas better than a House, NCR or Legion ruled Vegas? When you goto the 38 with Yes Man after killing Mr House, you hand over the chip. Weed is for children, real women use am_______ne. There is House who, no matter what you think of him, is incredibly intelligent and resourceful. As Carl and Nick are walking away from the conference, people congratulate Carl on his breakthrough. Maybe, I don't know. I think his comment at the end "I found some snippets of code in Mr. House's computer that will make me more. If you RPed as a good person, maybe. As he confronts Carl, every time Carl says no, the crowd starts chanting, "No-man! At the end he says he figured out a way to change his programming and be more aggressive. Before the war the US was becoming a authoritarian government that was locking up innocent people based on race, cities were becoming controlled by martial law, human experimentation became common in several groups from Mariposa, Big Mountain, Vault-Tec and various other corporations and people were actively losing their rights with the whole government being controlled by the shadow government that would become the Enclave, a genocidal fascist regime. pumped a bunch of money into the local Followers of the Apocalypse, and had them running the logistics with Yes Man; made a deal with Gun Runners to supply ordinance to the Boomers in exchange for their knowledge of aviation, with the aim of getting the planes at McCarron back in the air; sent Securitrons out in force and decisively ended the Fiends and other raider groups; organized "big game hunts" for the tourists, bringing the deathclaw and cazador populations under control. Even the NCR tourists would be kinda mad, most likely case putting thought into it all the tourism the strip sees would move back to New Reno, especially if the families there are smart enough to expand to capitalize on the new attraction. ummmm. Sure they can survive but the Strip is 100% reliant on NCR trade and tourism, if the NCR (the faction in a independent ending would be pretty mad after you drove their army out and killed a 5-star General) closed it's borders Vegas is kinda, well, screwed. What makes an independent Vegas better than a House, NCR or Legion ruled Vegas? There is Caesar, who is also quite intelligent and also influential. There is just so much fighting, hell the Enclave and the Brotherhood have been at war for god knows how long, and even in 4 the Brotherhood are getting involved in ANOTHER conflict. House is a genius. I honestly can't see a House or Independent ending working as it fails to take into consideration that you just pissed off the two biggest countries that surround the Mojave completely. He walked away and left Vegas to fend for itself. It'll put the out of commission for a while, but when they get back up there will be hell to pay. It would explain why the Courier could do quests and leave the newly independent Vegas in the hands of a robot who will listen to anybody who walks into the Lucky 38. The NCR cuts off access to the Mojave via a trade and travel embargo and there goes your money line. At least an Independent Vegas can start building around the more rational, humanistic factions - the Followers, Goodsprings, Jacobstown - while managing the worst aspects of the NCR and the Vegas families. The NCR isn't imperialist or war-mongering, the Legion started the war and the parts of the Mojave where we see an NCR presence wasn't all that populated. It's a 'benevolent' dictatorship by a pre-war Corporatist whom if he dies everything is lost and really only cares about Vegas Vegas, a tyrannical warlord of a faction that would only enact mass suffering and entirely relies upon one figurehead to keep it united and if he dies the entire organization will collapse, and the NCR which just repeats like 80% of the bad things about the US and seem to have a chronic disorder to betray and backstab anybody they make an alliance with. But with such a big responsibility, the Yes Man ending seems to be one of the most, if not the most popular ending of New Vegas, with a lot of people arguing an independent New Vegas is the best New Vegas. So if you don't want to serve and don't have the guts or the strength to rule in the legion, Yes Man is the way for you. Therefore his opinions about the other factions resemble those of the Followers. If you do all of the quests to harden up the third-party factions and wipe out troublemakers, then you can at least alleviate your manpower problem, but that takes you no closer to solving your logistical shortcomings. In my case, the decision was based on greed and arrogance. I'd say House isn't even an embodiment of the past. Its your town, fix it or give into your greedy side and make some caps. Even if you do use the securitrons to attack the NCR that doesn't mean tourism will resume once you force them to lift the embargo, that just means the people have more reasons to hate you. To me at least, the ending that matches with that theme the closest is independent with you having allied the third-party factions together. I also think it is House's fail safe program Yes Man downloads. My first playthrough was independent. He is a modified PDQ-88b securitron with a unique personality, serving as an integral part of Benny's scheme to take control of New Vegas. Names dont have anything to do with it, your called Baked, but I doubt you've ever been in an oven! So that's where I'll be" is a bigger lead on than we think. I always thought house was the logical ending for a selfish character simply because you get all the power with none of the responsibility. For House, he's literally an embodiement of the past. It's not like House ever said anything like "As soon as we finish this, our relationship is over" or that the Courier can't be his right hand man. Yes Man will assist the Courier directly in the Independent New Vegas main questline. So maybe a future where robots rule who knows it never goes into detail. We made our own choices in this game and when I learned of this, I knew I couldn't go YesMan. I think the best case scenario could be some mishmash of factions, but I highly doubt that will be the case, not even in 100 years. After bantering with Carl for a while, Terrance makes a 'covenant' with Carl to say YES at every opportunity and Carl hesitantly agrees. It does bring up a decent point. --Then one day he got bored. No-man!" It's baked like...weed. EDIT: Message for the Canon Police- Yes, I made up my own ending, I thought that was obvious enough, but I guess not. Yes Man is an AI program that serves as Benny's assistant and right-hand man in 2281. The safety of the relationship depends on how many marbles are in the jar over time. :disguise: I consider Anarchy to be evil in the long run. So, so many reasons based on the specific character you are playing: House is an egocentric dickbag whose arrogance outstrips his brilliance (demonstrated by his many, many failures including trusting Benny... and the Courier), the NCR displays all the flaws of the Old World, and the Legion is just despotism LARPing the ancient Rome. Yes Man is the self-centered anarchist's path. Each of the other factions seems obsessed with an idealized past that never was. A human who needs to act as ambassador to other factions and will help solve issues whilst House can focus on preserving New Vegas and pushing technology.