Up next on this list is Le Labo Oud 27, a woody oriental scent concocted by Vincent Schaller and launched in 2009. Le Labo Patchouli 24 is a spectacular fragrance with a sweet and smoky feel.

1 What does Santal 33 scent like? This is a transitional season’s fragrance as well when it’s neither too warm, nor too cold.

The way to do this is to purchase a fragrance decant. Le Labo Oud 27 is the long-lasting perfume. Le Labo Neroli 36 is the fragrance for the (orange blossom) accompaniments a summer feel to any scent. Along with the rose is a smell of woods. During colder months, you can wear it whenever you’d like it. However, you might want another fragrance if you’re looking for something to wear to a festive, outgoing event. Le Labo Bergamote 22 is at its best in the summer season.

This odor opens using an blast of roses. You continuously want to smell it. The musk base does gleam through after 20 – 30 minutes so it felt like a scent that can be worn day and night at any time of the day. When this fragrance starts to dry down, you can begin to notice a musk. This fragrance opens with an immediate blast of roses.

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Le Labo Ylang 49 is the most expensive one listed above fragrances as compared to Le Labo Santal 33 is a budget-friendly fragrance form the brand. The openings of florals and citruses, combined with the musk, make it an eccentric warm weather scent that can be worn all of the time.
During those warmer days, this fragrance can be worn casually, but it also has a somewhat luxurious vibe to it, making it work great during formal occasions.

Initially, this fragrance is a potent and robust scent of oud, mixed with musk. This is a longevity beast by every means as it produces over 12 hours of active juice with heavy sillage on a single spray.

Le Labo Santal 33 holds the honor of most famous among the Le Labo fragrances, and with good reason. Luckily, there’s a great way to try out Le Labo fragrances for a bit cheaper. Best for: Le Labo Bergamote 22 is an incredibly nice fragrance with a fresh, citrusy scent. I'm excited to share my experiences!

First, you should have the note onto which the bouquet is predominantly based following a number which stands for the number of different notes being used in concocting the fragrance. If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the perfumes that most people buy).
In my eyes, this makes up for the higher price. This way, you’re left with a simple yet elegantly placed name that straightaway shows what this fragrance is all about. This fragrance has a fresh vibe to it, which makes it flawless for warmer days. With more than 50 fragrances, you might start to wonder, which are the best Le Labo fragrances for women? Looking for a sweet perfume to keep you smelling like dessert? All Rights Reserved.

Their niche hand-make fragrances have caused quite a stir in the sometimes overly opulent and self-indulgent world of fragrance. If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon! Launched in 2011, Le Labo Santal 33 was designed by Frank Voelkl and has since garnered cult followers from around the world. Apart from giving users creative control, customers can also return their bottles for a refill that costs 25% less than the original price. Here we take a look at the top Le Labo perfumes, from the cult Santal 33 to the unisex Rose 31.

If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

The combination of the florals and citruses creates a luscious, fresh, and attractive scent. Check Full Review; Le Labo Bergamote 22 Quantity = 0.05 Oz, Bestseller, sweet, summer season fragrance. This floral scent will stay like this for a while, but the ylang ylang scent will fade away eventually. After a little while, you can start to poster some anger, as well as the scent of iris.

Le Labo Vetiver 46 can be wear during the fall, spring, and winter season. On this label is the name of this fragrance, which consists of two parts. such a citrusy scent will be refreshing and inoffensive at the same time.

LE LABO PATCHOULI 24 eau de parfum 0.5 fl oz, LE LABO Rose 31, 1.7 oz (compounded 5/6/2014).

Its sillage is enormous and should send its sweet scent over a considerable distance.

Nearing the dry down, some woody and musky notes make themselves present, leaving you with an overall musky, aromatic, and most of all, unique scent.

2 Which is the best-selling perfume of Le Labo?

Bergamote 22 begins with top notes of grapefruit and petitgrain before peeling off to heart notes of musk and amber.