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Run The Jewels have consistently called out what can be seen right in front of us, but it’s hard to imagine a time where their calls to action have been more pertinent than it was during the release of. David Penn Extended Remix, Get What You Want Phoebe Bridgers may have released Punisher before it was expected, but no amount of warning would’ve prepared listeners for the sadness, the heartbreak and the anxiety she was about to share. ‘Kyoto’ soars, ‘ICU’ devastates and ‘Halloween’ shows off the lyrical waltz she and Conor Oberst of are capable of perhaps far better than anything on, is that it feels like something that was burning away inside Este, Danielle and Alana Haim for so long. , does.

– Bridgers once again displays her masterful ability to arrest your mind in just a few words.

Living in a world scared of the future – who can blame her? Original Mix, Keep On Luvin ‘Delete Forever’ – a song set to a loop of an uncharacteristic acoustic guitar – will go down as one of her greatest musical moments, even if it is lost in the noise of everything outside of her music.

Riva Starr, 3am

Love Regenerator, Ultra Flava Conquer Jones But each melody is an earworm, and terrifying themes gradually unfold in mantras: “Cross my heart and hope to fly”; “I wanna play a beautiful game even though we’re gonna lose”; “I hear they’re calling my name/ I’m not gonna sleep anymore.” Grimes might be a controversy magnet, but she’s also still one of the most compelling and ambitious pop artists of the ‘00s.—Andrew R. Chow, The Weather Up There grapples with one of the most painful topics imaginable: the murder of a loved one.

is a whole expression of Gordi – the fierceness, the anxieties, the downfalls. “(They) have paired their Newtown-takes-Britpop stylings with sparkling synths and electro-pop beats to reach an elevated sound on The Glow,” Music Feeds wrote of DMA’s refreshing third album. Recorded over the past five years in Apple’s home, the album arrived at a time when we were all still getting accustomed to 2020’s solitary bleakness, and somewhat prophetically explored it.

Original Mix, If I Can't Get Down Ungodly Hour, however, is set to become their statement album, their raison d’etre. proves that the kids weren’t just going to be alright – they are ready to conquer.

is a devastatingly vulnerable record that’ll leave you without words and your heart bleeding. Faber If 2020 is going to be a year to remember for all the wrong reasons.

Low Steppa Extended Remix, Let It Go feat. Their sound is so often attributed to the breezy freedom of summer – and they still maintain that here – but they’ve also allowed themselves to experiment with harsher, crunchier sounds.

Original Mix, Deep End – Bridgers once again displays her masterful ability to arrest your mind in just a few words. is going to be a moment that fans will keep coming back to. “Although Bob Dylan has never claimed to be revolutionising the form – his songs are typically mutations of existing compositions – he’s time and again changed how we perceive popular music, stretching the limits of its artistic potential,” Music Feeds wrote in the review of Dylan’s latest effort.

EXTENDED MIX, By My Side feat. Photo (L + R): Scott Dudelson/Getty Images, Supplied, Clare Nica, McLean Stephenson, Burak Cingi/Getty Images, Facebook, Daniel Knighton/Getty Images.

“And he’s not done yet – for one hour and ten minutes, Rough and Rowdy Ways makes you feel like you’re hearing something that’s never been said, proving that at 79 years old, Dylan is still capable of going way, way deep.”.

“It’s a story worth telling.”. Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media LLC, and its owned and operated websites may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links. Over 18 songs, Uzi shows off his array of approaches: he flips an overexposed Backstreet Boys song (“I Want It That Way”) into something genuinely new (“That Way”); stretches his voice to its highest and lowest registers (“You Better Move”); turns the word fragment “Balenci” into some kind of inexorable incantation (“Pop”); and proves he can rap with the best with them (on the turbo-charged “Homecoming”). The Martinez Brothers,