Perfect for a chilly fall Halloween. I substituted mint for basil, which worked well. Be the first to get updates as well as access to exclusive offers and promotions. Ina's parties are easy to prepare and fun for everyone, including the host. I used leftover mini shortcakes from the deconstructed strawberry shortcake recipe (same recipe, just smaller), but the regular amount of peach/raspberry mixture and a bit more whipped cream. I added more lemon juice to taste and omitted the pignolis (didn't have). I lined the pan with parchment for easier removal and froze the crust for 10 minutes before baking. 00:25. Easy. The mustard sauce was rather overwhelming; I scraped it off and thought the seasoning was better then. Not sure I'll try again or try another recipe for lemon bars. Available in used condition with free delivery in the UK. Half-and-half worked fine instead of heavy cream. There is probably more topping than needed, but it's so delicious. Very moist and lemony. The cakes domed quite a bit and were a tad dry, but that did not matter since this is like a giant shortcake, but with more flavor. However, the apple juice made the soup way too sweet. We enjoyed the butter on KAF honey-whole wheat-oatmeal bread. Baked 1 hour, the ham seemed just right, so a larger one might need extra time. They were good. Chicken Soup With Matzo Balls Time consuming but well worth the effort. Half the recipe just fit in the blender. Crispy edges and chewy centre is how I like my cookies and these hit the mark, and who can resist peanut butter and chocolate? The crust was super easy to make and roll out (I didn't refrigerate it). I adjusted the proportions to have more broth relative to seafood, which I preferred: 3/4 lb shrimp, 1/3 lb scallops, 1/3 lb crab, 1/4 lb monkfish. I used butter lettuce instead of arugula and added tomato. 1/2 recipe yielded 9 tartlets, using shallow, one-piece pans from Bridge. It was really good with the plum tart, but also on its own. Dough was a bit crumbly, but dividing it into small batches made it easier to work with. 00:37. Made a few hours ahead, the tabbouleh was very good - refreshing, not heavy. The amount of feta could be reduced as well. Stuffed Cabbage a la Contessa Next time I'll either omit the garlic or add it halfway through roasting. Half the marinade was enough for 3 lbs lamb. I omitted the garlic. We had it with grilled steak, which was a great combination. Now, with Barefoot Contessa Parties! Easy Cheesy Gorgonzola Sauce Easy to make. See Lisa's take on Tzatziki and Tabbouleh. Overall, this was very good, but pretty vinegary. Excess dough was rather hard to trim, so I didn't always do that, but then the dough hung over the edge, making the shell hard to remove from the pan. Wonderful! The flavor was wonderful, with grape notes. Delicious! The freezer canister may not have been cold enough because the ice cream barely froze. 03:41, Stuffed Cabbage a la Contessa The salad was very light and refreshing, really good. Made a few days ahead. Served chilled, it was great with the shrimp. Good, solid recipes, many of which will be familiar. EYB will contact you soon. The glaze was really good. Packed with plans for pulling off parties like a pro, and stories and recipes from her own parties, this is a must-have guide to easy entertaining. By Ina Garten. Some potato slices were hard to turn. The texture was dense, like gelato, which I love. 40 minutes on medium heat was too long on the grill for my lamb, but the lamb was still tender and flavorful even well done. Out of all of Ina Garten's cookbooks, this one is her favorite. The crust was easy to make. I only had 5 egg yolks and lowfat milk, but the recipe worked. World of Books sells used books online to over 190 countries worldwide. Next time I'd omit the pearl onions, as they were too hard and oniony in this dish. I used bleached AP flour instead of cake flour. Baked for 15 minutes. I used Asian pear and apple cider. 00:56. All rights reserved. Are you sure you want to delete this book from your Bookshelf? Definitely use a thermometer to check the temperature of the meat. Good for minimal effort, but not the greatest chocolate cake. I didn't make the decoration. This is fantastic, especially if you make a strawberry sauce to drizzle over top. I totally forgot to do anything to the 2nd pan - they went in as scooped & baked for the same 11 minutes. : Fabulous Recipes & Easy Tips, Barefoot Contessa Recipe Journal: With an Index of Ina Garten's Cookbooks, Barefoot in Paris: Easy French Food You Can Make at Home, Barefoot In Paris: Easy French Food You Can Make At Home, Cook Like a Pro: Recipes and Tips for Home Cooks, Cook Like a Pro (Ina Garten Signed Autograph): Recipes and Tips for Home Cooks Cookbook Book, Cooking for Jeffrey: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa Cookbook Collection, Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa Recipe Deluxe Journal (Potter Style), Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa Soups: Recipe Note Cards, Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa Sweet Expressions: Recipe Note Cards, Make It Ahead: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, Modern Comfort Food: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, Click here to add past issues of the magazine to your Bookshelf. We don't like our vegetables too sweet, so I skipped the apple topping, and it was quite good - not too sweet. After 35 minutes, the beef was still too rare. There is way more dressing than needed for the salad. With so many great ideas and recipes to choose from, this will be an essential read for anyone who loves a party. It’s always great. I cooked a 3.5 lb brisket with half the rub, 2 lg onions, 1 lb carrots, 8 celery stalks (I like more veg), and about 32 oz tomato juice to reach 3/4 of the way up the meat. I cut the pears in half because they were large. Baked at 350 convection, they were done in 11 minutes, but in a regular oven, 17 minutes was perfect. Good, basic recipe. The pot pie was very rich, but good. 114: Sliced cucumbers-----Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs: Appetizers: How Easy Is That? Keep an eye on them in the oven, I managed to overbake by a minute or two and I think the texture suffered slightly. Got raves when I brought this to a party. The shrimp marinated one day. You can email us to discuss your order. Very tasty. Ina Garten shares the secrets she has gleaned from her years as a caterer and a dedicated party giver. Half the butter was plenty. I blanched the vegetables and made the dough a day ahead. I scaled the recipe down to 1 lb shrimp (1/4 recipe), but with 1/8 the dressing. Great with the lamb or as a dip for pita or a baked potato topping. Not very flavorful:(. The bread gets soft if the panzanella sits longer than 30 minutes, so serve it right then for the best texture, although the flavor is still good later. Buy Barefoot Contessa Parties! My first mistake was to grind matzos myself rather than buying matzo meal. I ran out of Kosher salt, so I used half the amount of fine sea salt. The filled tartlets were delicious, although tricky to eat - too large to pick up, hard to cut. The soup had great chicken flavor that you just can't get from a can. I pureed it in the food processor. Delicious! Overall we expect it to be in very good condition, but if you are not entirely satisfied please get in touch with us. It was very good. I made this for a pot luck and everyone raved. Next time I would simmer the stock partly covered, as so much liquid evaporated that I just had enough for the soup. I added some baby spinach. I was going to make 1/2 recipe, but only made 1/4 because I needed 2 baking sheets just for that and I didn't have time for batches. Really moist cake with amazing lemony flavor. Added left over kent pumpkin from pumpkin and apple soup Lovely taste can taste the nutmeg and cinnamon. The baking time was way less than 45 minutes - closer to 25. I needed to add about 3/4 cup water. Only 5 books can be added to your Bookshelf. Ina's No-Fail Filet of Beef I made 1/2 recipe using walnuts, but with a whole apple. The chutney and cheddar were surprisingly good together. I made the dough a day ahead and had to add a little extra water, but was pretty easy to roll and cut. Fabulous! They are a bit time consuming but very much worth it - and there are never any leftovers unless I hide some before hand! Although the ice cream froze overnight, it was still very soft due to the alcohol. The crust flavor was great, the texture crisp and light, but slightly tough (could be my fault, and my oven could have been off). I could not get dragees, so I sprinkled some with sanding sugar and glazed the rest. : Ideas and Recipes For Easy Parties That Are Really Fun: Garten, Ina: Books The kugel was not too sweet, but I still prefer it as a sweet dish with fruit, rather than a savory side dish. Packed with plans for pulling off parties like a pro, and stories and recipes from her own parties, this is a must-have guide to easy entertaining. Ina makes a classic Jewish comfort food: sweet-and-sour stuffed cabbage. Perfect balance of sweet and tartness. I often skip the eggplant and just up the amount of peppers. I decided to update it with chicken to make it lighter, and it's even more popular than our regular chili. I do tread carefully with the lemon - for my palate there is a fine line between perfect and too much. I made 1/2 recipe to accompany 3 lbs lamb and it was still a lot. They chilled 10 minutes before baking at 350 convection for 15 minutes. One quarter of the dressing was still more than needed for the salad. I had to roast the onions at 350 because I had something else in the oven, but 375 would have been better. This was a delicious, warming drink. There was twice as much salad dressing as needed. Fabulous with potato chips. Most recipes instruct you to pour the filling over a warm crust, so I did that, rather than letting the crust cool. We had it on KAF honey-whole wheat-oatmeal bread. I grilled a smaller piece of salmon (1.3 lbs) and used half the marinade. Six pulses in the food processor chopped the mixture rather finely. The citrus flavored cake worked perfectly with the blueberry sauce and the richness of the mascarpone/whipped cream filling. They were delicious, probably because they were packed with chocolate. Free delivery for many products!