Once the enemy ship is at low enough health, it'll start moving a lot slower, so start to line your self up with the ship at a 90 degree angle to yourself, then hold to charge full speed at the side of it, cleaving it in two and unlocking; With the enemy ship destroyed, a cutscene will play, ending this part of the quest. If not, the best way to deal with taking control of a nation is to remove all beneficial locations on the map for the leader, such as war supplies and treasures. Make your way round the second floor of the building, examining the items in the two rooms (the chair and a table in the bathroom, and two tables in the room under where the Record Sunshine ostraka was). Once the ships are taken out, leave your ship and move onto the island, which has quite a few guards on it, including two leaders and a random civilian, and no you can't use your ships weapons to take them out. Use the grass around the building and the roof to take care of the guards. Head west from here to end up in Pagai and check out the message board. From your current location, continue east towards the southern tip of Phokis. You'll now be told about Ship Contracts, which you can view on the mast of the ship. There's no right or wrong answer to what you choose to upgrade, as ultimately with enough money and resources you can upgrade everything. In close combat with him, use whatever skills you've got and dodge a lot. You'll now be introduced to Nation Power. Dive down to all three, making sure to avoid the sharks nearby, to complete Underwater Treasure (4/42). The best way to approach the island is from the north east side where there's a small cliff face and plenty of grass to hide in. Before heading back to the beach landing area, make your way to the Mount Geraneia cove again, and dive under water where the chest was earlier (beneath the debris) to find a book case and resolve the Record Sunshine ostraka. If you're lucky enough, he'll be a legendary character (gold background), so try to recruit him for your ship and assign him as a Lieutenant, unlocking; Recruit and assign a Legendary NPC for your ship. On top of the building here, you'll find the Hound Docked ostraka, then head back towards where you started this quest and climb up the hill to find a rocky outcrop with a cave underneath it. Either way, once you've chosen your upgrade(s), you'll unlock; Once you've had your fill of taking on your bounties and contracts, continue south east bound on the ship towards Megaris. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 2 Walkthrough – A Journey Into War, Crumble and Burn, the Final Push, the Wolf of Sparta By … Whilst you're down here though, you can take care of another quest. After the cutscenes, speak to Odessa again, along with picking the romance option. Once the camp is clear of the guards, start making your way around grabbing the chests you didn't get before, then if you haven't already, use Ikaros to locate the main treasure chest, in the building to the west of the tall building with the bonfire on top. Your main target will be a Polemarch who stays mostly to the north side of the fort. This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements.com. If you choose to grab the chests now, you'll complete Underwater Treasure (6/42). If you wish, you can reassign your ability points to a more warrior focused layout for this battle and revert it afterwards, but it's not necessary. I personally had the skill Hero Strike which allowed me to kill the leaders and captain in one hit, but whatever set up you have will work here. You can throw your torch at them like you would with a bow and arrow, and once they're all burned, you have cleared the camp fully. Take out the guards then free Tekton's brother and carry him up the cliff. Follow the cave through and take a left at the fork to find the Happy Hour ostraka on top of the wooden platform. After the cutscene ends, Episode 2 will end and you'll unlock; community members have thanked the author. Next Walkthrough Episode 2 - Torment of Hades Lost and Found Prev Walkthrough Episode 2 - Torment of Hades Guardian of the Gates. For this fight you'll be facing a lot of enemies with shields, so get used to performing an  combo for most of the fight. Once again, return to Odessa, and choose the heart options again. Exit the tomb, then climb up the hill to the left to wind up at the Militarized Temple of Megara. Use the vast amount of grass to your advantage to take them out, then grab the Ancient Tablet. By this point I had Rush Assassination unlocked as well as Vanish, so I used those two in conjunction to take him out it two hits. Killing enemies reduces the health/moral bar of the opposing faction at the top of the screen. Enter the ship menu and assign him to one of your Lieutenant slots as the game instructs you to, then clean up the Bandit Camp, recruiting or killing them as you wish. With the civilians dealt with in whatever way you see fit, return to Dolios to complete the quest. When prompted with a choice, choose whatever one you want, but for the purpose of the walkthrough, I chose the second answer. Thanks to our guide, you will learn what you have to do in order to start and complete a quest. Some of the quests will look like regular side quests and be based on an island, but these fall in to the same category as bounties and contracts, so again won't be detailed in the guide. Continue on now south of this island towards Megaris. Head south east from Thisvi to a very small island just south of Mount Helikon. This is where the mercenary you've been searching for is located. Be wary as there are several snakes in the tomb so if you don't like snakes, good luck. He has a lot of health so a single assassination attempt may not be enough, so if not, run away and hide and try to get him to lose sight of you so you can try again. Follow him to the camp and talk to him yet again, and get introduced to the concept of conquest battles. This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission. Take out the priests, then interact with the bowls at the front of the statue to complete the Happy Hour ostraka. Again, if you haven't already scouted them out, use Ikaros to find them (the search circle will disappear when you do), then hold  to bring out your torch and start burning them.