The top curls have so much life and shiny due to the dual dye of blond perms with light and dark shade. Fade With Hard Part It’s also a versatile haircut by nature, since you can adjust the size of the fade by changing the blade guard. It’s also a good choice for boys with curly hair who want to tame their locks How to get it: Most barbers and stylists will know how to cut a good high and tight, and if they’re not familiar with this variation, it’s easy to explain. This look was ultra-popular in the ’90s, making it a great choice for any guys who are looking to bring back some of their favorite retro looks. How to get it: You’ll need at least ear-length hair on the sides for this cut. This fresh cut brings the typical fade to another level with those natural kinks that add some party to the strictness of the classy line up. How to get it: Tell your stylist you want an undercut. This style also gives you the opportunity to decorate the entire scalp with razor-blade inflicted patterns, as the scalp is now, in a way, a blank canvas. The hair on top is styled up and combed back. How to get it: The Caesar cut is popular all over the world, and almost all barbers and stylists know how to cut one. A slightly edgier version of a faded mohawk, this cut features curls of varying lengths on top, while the fade is more concentrated at the sides of the head than the back. Generally, the hair on top of the head is the only part left long. This style was said to inspire fear in their enemies. Like the tousle, this is a casual cut that will work well in many situations. As its name implies, the classic fringe is a timeless look. This is a diagonal fade that continues the line of the forehead hairline. It’s a timeless cut that’s as good as ever. High Top Fade with Twists & Haircut Designs, High fade haircut – Top Curls with Taper Haircut, Tapered Caesar Fade Haircut for Black Men, Low Taper Fade Blowout Haircuts for Black Men, Men in Black taper fade  – Black men haircuts classic look, Low fade haircut with star haircut designs. Warm colors like orange, red, and gold look great against dark skin. Fortunately, there are so many cool hairstyles for little black boys that no matter what your toddler is into, there is a cute haircut for him to try! Because of natural hair texture, you won’t have to use any product to keep it up. The sides, however, has a very hipster look with the shaved slits and the dye on top is just a fantastic touch. Curly Hair – Here the curls are a lot looser than kinky hair. This little African boy with highlighted hair has a gorgeous look that you need to recreate for your young man. This one of the coolest little black boy haircuts for curly hair! (Sometimes, they will be completely shaved, but this is rare.) This is a fun style you can play around with quite a bit. This is a super creative wavy texture low fade cut. Diagonal striping is cut into the upper part and the shaved side part separates the top from the faded side. Also known as the temple fade, the temp fade haircut starts high and near the edges of the hairline, around your temples. How to get it: This cut requires medium-length to long hair. Towel dry your hair so it’s still a little damp. The hairline is cut in a geometric shape that gives this style a very avant garde quality, but it may be too daring and unusual for men who like to blend in with the scenery. You can even try one of the many variations on the standard bun style to get more mileage out of your hair.