I did. Now I want to just leave this drama peacefully & they are denying pension…..Rules ko rules rehne do na baba….. Kal bharosa karega koi ?? Armed Forces Pension Scheme 1975 (AFPS 75): Closed to new entrants on 5 April 2005. A third source ThePrint spoke to said that almost all colonels and most brigadiers seek re-employment after retirement, and so the proposal to increase the retirement age is beneficial to all parties. Then you told me, the service you are applying must be a GP A / B post with a Pay band of a higher of 39,600. 4. Ltd. All rights reserved. For their self interest ,they lower down their own Faternity so badly. Instead of this, retirement age in all government departments should be restored to 58, if fit, with full pension after 30 years of service –not 33 or 35. This is very bad decision. 5. Please Don’t put your views on other country. The new proposed pension plans seem much more practical,realistic.scs, Army is the only job where one is entitled to pension & when join govt service after retirement their service deemed to be continued placed in very high scale costing very high to the government means more taxes for common people. For more newsletters, check out our, Lawmakers Investigate Cancer Cluster of Veterans Who Served at 'K2' Base, VA's High-Tech Training Program Runs Out of Money After One Month, Tax Breaks Coming to Some Vets, Surviving Spouses in These 3 States, Veterans Have Higher Rates of Insomnia Than Non-Veterans, Cake Lady Helps Wounded Soldiers Heal, One Treat at a Time, signing up for a free Military.com membership, Your 2020 Guide to VA IRRRL Streamline Refinances, Help Is Available If You Are Having Trouble Making Your VA Home Loan Payments, What Does 'For Sale By Owner' Mean? Voters in three states moved decisively to approve measures aimed at offering support and appreciation to veterans. A hardcore BJP supporter will no doubt soon divorce the party. It brought considerable benefits to soldiers on retirment and put to rest the various demands they had been making over the years. ( APJ Abdul Kalam was also not, Agreed) “No one can tinker with them at their own whims. Modi found a traitor in Bira and appointed him CDS to screw the Armed forces. Indian army mein ab dekh kar lag raha hain bas officer he nokri karenge ,jawan to chala jayega,uska time pe chala jaye,is faisla se sarkar ko bhari uthana pare ga. Jwan and officers ki service facilities mei bahut antar hai. Isn’t 60, 62, 65, 67, 70 too old? Jo 57 years karega to 3 – 7 saal me mar jayega = Benefit…. That way the government will save the whole pension and not just 50% of the eligible pension. Mr Rawat, retired General, has gone fratricidal and senile well before time. It is an extremely Sorry state of affair to think of pension reduction for armed forces personnel who have earned after giving their youth in inhuman working environment. This translates into a monthly pension check of approximately $729.33. If he takes PMR, his pension would be Rs 50,000. 3. The best of journalism is shrinking, yielding to crude prime-time spectacle. Right now, many officers take PMR after attaining 20 years of service, which is actually a loss for the services,” the source explained. Looks like you have not read the proposal well ..they have proposed for both. Unlike all other public schemes, members pay 0% in … This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Over the past 11 years, the soldiers have become an extended family for Cake Lady. Also, there is a huge stagnation of career in the armed forces, especially in the Army. If you peep into the services most of the personnel who complered 20yrs of service including officers are suffering from life style diseases. #5YearsOfOROP is a momentous occasion. He has lost it. Officer of arm forces must be trained to improve their basic understanding of Human Resources. Stupid Mr Bipin Rawat can ONLY be expected to come up with STUPID IDEAS ! Many veterans of wartime service are completely unaware of the fact that if they are 65 or older and on a limited income they may qualify for a VA Pension without being disabled. Isse achha engrej the.. gulami is se behtar.. jawan Bakra hei halal ke liye .. apne Parivar ke liye bhik mange.. Rawat sir ko kya farak padta hei PM ne extra post beitha die..hum ko bamboo dene ke liye.. Agar eisa hua .. Neta mantri ja ke border pe duty karenge aur rawat sir unko dekh val karenge.. ek v admi apna bete ko gulami ke liye nehi chodenge.. humesha defence ki bajate rago… very good command … har jawano ko rulao.. uparawala gin ke lega. What is OROP? A VA pension is for low-income war veterans who may have a disability that is not service-related. A Combatant soldier has many roles to play in forces and they can never deny fighting the enemy any time, any cost. Jaa sakta hu sir muthe bi milna chahiye apni mata ki rksha karna chata hu, Comment: This proposal is very wrong I am a jawan of eme i don’t support this proposel. Reduce ever widening disparity between Officer and Sailors. Veterans Pension Versus Military Retirement. Nearly twice as many veterans have trouble sleeping than non-veterans. I took PMR as MCEAP2, DEDH entry in 2001 on comletion of 15 yr. of service. You can apply for Aid and Attendance or Housebound benefits by writing to the VA office having jurisdiction of the claim. Agreed. Sir The retirement of the Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) and Other Ranks (ORs) in the services (Logistics, Technical and Medical Branch, including EME, ASC and AOC) has been proposed to be 57 years. WhatsApp. But the news media is in a crisis of its own. Now an internal exam which has a so-called skill level A was made a benchmark. It was so expensive training & money matters the most for you. A Big Shame on them. But I knew how so ever best I do I will remain a sailor throughout my 35 yrs. Aap k neeche jo service kiya tha aap utna ground mei Kaam kar ke dikhana…. Its foolish ans un lawful decision. Waste of money on khadi clad garbage is idiotic expense at the cost of taxpayer expense.futile. 1. Govt salaries and pensions in total are very high and needs discussion. According to the government, under the OROP scheme over Rs 10,795.4 crore were distributed among 20.60 lakh ex-servicemen and their family pensioners as arrears with a yearly recurring expenditure of about Rs 7,123.38 crore. They are blind, or so nearly blind as to have corrected vision of 5/200 or less, in both eyes, or concentric contraction of the visual field to 5 degrees or less. An individual would retire at an age when he can still move about. In addition, it is necessary to determine whether the claimant is confined to the home or immediate premises. Also, (for) many officers who would be completing 20 years and knowing well they won’t make it to the next rank due to the pyramidal promotion structure that we have, this letter brings down morale,” the first source said. Most of the technicians join duty at 03:30 hrs and do it up to 18 hrs and sometimes beyond. Subscribe on YouTube. See the 2020 pension rates. Why does he not try cutting that. KAMMAR TOOT JAYEGA ek din mei. I quote. No change has been proposed for the lieutenant general rank, which will continue to be 60 years. In addition to meeting … OROP Latest News Today 2020: PM Narendra Modi today greeted armed forces veterans on the fifth anniversary of BJP-led NDA government's decision to implement OROP.Prime Minister Modi on Saturday said the One Rank One Pension scheme (OROP) was … You told me to complete 7 years for NOC, please. Right in your inbox. Immediate and total abolition of sahayak/Buddy system or any other such system which is used by officer of all rank for their personal benifit at the expense of dignity,honor and morale of jawans in army. First of all, there is NO so-called Technician until you are a Non – Combatant. The VET TEC pilot program is proving more popular than Congress anticipated. Every policy has pros & cons. Agar jawan aap ki ghar mei kaam nahi karne se. Afterall no one joins armed for to work as domestic help. The changes in policy against all army personal, how a soldier can survive in such environment for a long time… So plzzz such policy and should not be come into the force…. You changed the policy. your countable family income is below a yearly limit set by law. New Delhi: A note by the Department of Military Affairs (DMA), headed by Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat, on a proposed new retirement and pension policy has caused serious heartburn in the military with indications that the three services are not on board. CDS is neither qualified not competent to propose changes that has important rights and parity issues apart from the negative impacts it will have on the comparative attractiveness of the military vs civil careers in the government not to talk of attractiveness compared to civil careers in the business and industry. There have been brutal layoffs and pay-cuts. Also read: Is India’s rising defence pension bill affecting modernisation of military? Proposal to increase retirement age, cut down pension in armed forces irks... A note by the Department of Military Affairs (DMA), headed by Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat, on a proposed new retirement and pension policy has caused serious heartburn in the military with indications that the three services are not on board. They don’t know nationalist hone se pet nhi bharta.. It appears this policy is more of DMAs top brass efforts to impress their masters, than a collective opinion of the service community. That would be the office where you filed a claim for pension benefits. I completed training. “The idea is to cut down costs by increasing the retirement age so that better productivity happens and the pension cost is down. * There are three main pension schemes: 1. Yeh ek tuglaki furmaan hai. The DMA has initiated death knell of the fighting capability of our forces. Verify your free subscription by following the instructions in the email sent to: More than 400 military personnel who served in Uzbekistan after 9/11 have been diagnosed with various diseases. 5 myths busted, Make short service lucrative, raise retirement age: CDS plan to reduce defence pensions, Wide variation in disability pensions of jawans, officers creating ‘heartburn’: CDS Rawat, National Defence College to add more seats for Nepal & Bangladesh, says defence secretary, India determined to protect its sovereignty, territorial integrity, says Rajnath Singh, Don’t tinker with Indian military’s way of life to fix your out-of-control fiscal deficit, India, China say eighth round of military talks candid, constructive, 5 years of One Rank One Pension scheme a momentous occasion, says PM Modi, Despite the sweet victory, Modi-Shah BJP has a Nitish Kumar-sized problem in Bihar, Mukesh Ambani launches another price war, this time to take on Amazon, Flipkart, Temperature challenge can make Pfizer Covid vaccine a shot for the rich. joins service so young,but now policy makers trying to kick a solder and his families belly. Koi Fouji ko welfare tho nahi de sakte ho tho…. I have started trying only for IAS. A hit on the morale of the serving officers . Modi galat lKar Raha hai yeh you marega .. agar isne pension kata toh …fauji ehnu maran he, Yeah saala CDS Kya ban gaya ye bsdk sab kuchh benefits leke dusro logo ko problem kar raha h idea /proposal of cutting pension of armed forces, it will impact lot on morality of armed forces personnel specially those are about to retire sooner, why govt doesn’t cut their own expenditure on retired President’s,PMs, MPs Chief Minister’s, and MLAs they should be paid only 10k only every retired above said citizens keep on receiving pension above lacs n annual approx 100 million of rupes from govt exchequer, whereas the mostly have their own business, for further why govt do away with this problem of expenses, more over why can’t all minister be paid only for their parliament work and rest no payment like Belgium, where mp take their payment only for parliament session but rest time they don’t, can this be done, it’s not at all because they don’t wants to loose free luxury, but those are ready to sacrify for their life for protection of country being proposed to reduce their pay n pension,