During the Peloponnesian War, Dekelia was used as a Spartan base at Alkibiades’s recommendation. For Greeks, the victory represented the triumph of order over chaos. He founded a cult and the Isthmian Games in his honor. He wore the hide himself. This section of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey walkthrough includes the map of Kephallonia Islands. The Melissani Cave is dedicated to the god Pan. Like Mesoa, Pitana was one of the four original villages that formed Sparta. This island served as the necropolis for Delos because, in 426 BCE, births and deaths were forbidden on the island of Apollo. The harvesting and trading of sea salt was a strictly systematized business. It was a prestigious site for pilgrimages, festivals, and games. Construction began under the tyrant Peisistratos but was interrupted by the emergence of democracy. Sisyphos found Melikertes’s body and buried it. It was associated with the education of young Spartans, and conducted their initiations. Looking at the Salamis strait will always evoke the Greeks' victory over the Persians. Many entrances to the underworld were known in ancient Greece. Besides mastic, Chios exported wine and figs and had one of the biggest fleets. Also known as Poulytion’s home, this was one of the most beautiful in Athens. One of his most legendary contributions was the labyrinth. A torch relay beginning at the foot of the altar - located near the Academy - was held in honor of Prometheus. On a rocky hill in the Argive plains, “mighty-walled" Tiryns was the second most important site in the Mycenaean world. It was said her inspiration came from within. Pellene has the distinction of being the first city in Achaia to join Sparta in the Peloponnesian War in 431 BCE. Eretria was violently attacked for six days, with many residents taken to Persia. Its spot was advantageous for coastal defense and monitoring maritime traffic to Athens. The Akropolis of Karthaia housed sacred buildings, including the temples of Apollo and of Athena. The temple of Artemis Orthia near the Eurotas River was one of Sparta’s most important religious sites. In the heat of battle, Tydeus ate the brain of one of his enemies, Melanippos. Built to the glory of Athens’s protector, the Parthenon housed the gold and ivory statue of Athena made by Phidias. Bacchylides, a great poet of the fifth century BCE, was born on the island. He created many masterpieces, including the Olympic sanctuary’s gold and ivory statue of Zeus, which was considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The former capital of the legendary Minyan race formed a district of Boeotia. The Panhellenic Sanctuary of Delphi was renowned for the Oracle of Apollo, and considered the center of the world in ancient Greece. Legend has it that Bellerophon, son of Korinth’s King Glaukos, captured the winged horse, Pegasos, when he came to drink at the spring of Peirene on the Akrokorinth. A drainage system emptied and filled the lake to irrigate the plain. Sisyphos was the mythical founder of Korinth and the Isthmian Games. The island was famous for its copper mines. The Heraia were games for women organized in honor of Hera. The Perioikoi were a group of Spartan “subcitizens” who lived in the rural areas of Lakonia and Messenia. His temple in Elis opened just once a year, and only the priest could enter. This altar dedicated to the twelve gods seems to have also served as a place of refuge and a topographical point of reference. The Spartan king Archidamos also routed the Athenian cavalry here. Fort 30. Hephaistos, god of fire, metallurgy, and volcanoes, was honored on the island of Lemnos. Generally a place of worship for women, this temple was set on a hill opposite the Spartan akropolis. His poems celebrated the gods, Athenian democracy, and Olympic winners such as the tyrant of Syrakousai. A hero's shrine was set up, and a stele inscribed with the names of the soldiers at Thermopylai. This eclectic artist was known as a skilled inventor, architect, and sculptor. Not only did the gods use water from the Styx to administer oaths, but it was famously harmful to humans, livestock, and objects. Founded by the Korinthians to make trade easier in Macedonia, Potidaia was central to an event leading to the Peloponnesian War. Before combat, they sacrificed a black puppy to god of war Enyalios, and then organized boar fights. They say his ghost haunted Spartans after his death. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Interactive Map. Erected on a hill, this Doric temple overlooking the agora is dedicated to Hephaistos, god of the forge, and to Athena Ergane, goddess of arts and crafts. Phaistos was renowned for having the second largest palace, in which the clay disk was found. Perikles was buried here in 429 BCE. Orion the giant, son of Poseidon, was supposedly born in Boeotia. The Naxians dedicated a temple to Dionysos to ensure the fertility of their vines and first-rate wine production on the island. Named for the ancient sea god Phorkys, this bay was the first sight Odysseus saw upon his return. It was made up of many reservoirs, and, according to tradition, was connected with the spring on the Akrokorinth. His head and lyre reached Lesbos, where residents built a tomb for him. Young Spartans offered sacrifices at a statue of Herakles when they became adults. Pentelikos was the source of the marble used in architectural construction of Perikles’s grand project on the Akropolis. Their names were etched on the pedestals, which was a source of shame. This Mycenaean tomb notably housed the bones of seventy-two people. In the face of invading Persians, this Athenian decree saw the evacuation of old men, furniture, goods, women, and children. She was known for having initiated Dionysos into mysteries and ecstasy. On his return from the Battle of Marathon in 490 BCE, he stopped at Mykonos and Delos. East of Athens, Mt. The Leonidaion was a guesthouse with a number of rooms on all sides for important visitors to the sanctuary. According to myth, Zeus threw a thunderbolt, causing the earth to open and swallow him and his chariot. Minimum recommended level: 1 The island’s sailors and fishermen prayed to the goddess to watch over them in nearby waters, which were known to be difficult to navigate. The 31 Greek cities that took part in the Battle of Plataia dedicated to Apollo a massive golden tripod made from the tithe of the Persian booty. Here, frightening beings of invincible strength, the Giants, avenged the Titans who were ousted by the Olympians. The site was mined continuously throughout antiquity. Port 14. Kausos is the ancient Greek word for fever, a symptom of malaria noted by Hippokrates. He was the oldest and wisest hero in the Trojan War. You may also be interested in something from the list below. Following Theseus’s intervention, King Adrastos of Argos and Sikyon buried the ashes of the seven leaders killed during the expedition against Thebes here. Located at the border of Messenia and Arkadia, this statue is said to have been created by the famous Daidalos. Renowned for its purple dye and strategic position on the Aegean Sea, Kythera was coveted by many cities during the Peloponnesian War. Open-pit mines made ore extraction - done with wedges, pickaxes, and mallets - easier. This mountain - the central point of the island - saw the birth of Zeus. Her poetry spoke of love and torment, marriage, and female beauty. This length became a unit of measure the Greeks called the "stadion.". The ruins of the palace he lived in are still visible. He attempted to kill the Megarians by night, but ended up shooting arrows into the cliff face instead. The Perioikoi may not have been equal to Spartan citizens, but they too were involved in the military affairs of the Lakedaimonian army, serving as hoplites. A number of bull statues have been found in Greece. Embankments contained spectators on the 192 m track. It was dedicated to Pelops, which inspired the name “Peloponnese.” His cult developed into the founding myth of the Olympic Games, and a black ram was sacrificed in his honor every year. Megarians believe the corpse of Ino washed up on the coast after she threw herself into the sea with her dead son. King of Pylos and ruler of Messenia, Nestor traveled Greece with Menelaus to form an army, leading an expedition against the city of Troy. One of the 170 trades in Athens was marble work. Constructed in the heart of Elide was this important sanctuary. The shrine hosted a grand feast each year in honor of Athena, the protector of Salamis’s farmers and sailors. With one of the largest territories, Sparta had a great land-based military power, governing all Lakedaimonians. Herodotos used it to give sample distances. Asine was destroyed in the seventh century BCE by the Argives for helping the Spartans in their war against Argos. Eumaios was Odysseus's loyal swineherd. Constructed of Pentelic marble, it had a central building with five gates and was the end of the Sacred Way. The agora houses numerous administrative, commercial, and religious buildings. Blacksmiths revered Hephaistos, the blazing god of metallurgy and fire. These include the art of growing wheat on the island. The largest on Kephallonia, the "Blue Cave" houses a small lake. This port on the island’s east coast was in the only easily accessible bay. Only Delos welcomed her, where she gave birth to Artemis and Apollo. This place tells the story of Lykos, a priest and mythical seer who instituted the cult of Apollo Lykeios. Its name is said to have derived from the quinces grown there. This small town was named after the Greek hero Herakles. The Spartans thus enabled eternal protection of the hero, who was associated with the city’s legendary past. Show All Hide All. It was the longest educational system in the Greek world, with males age 7-29. Amphoras of Thasian wine have been found in Magna Grecia, Egypt, and as far away as the Black Sea. Two wings housed paintings. It's best known for being the port for the city of Knossos. It was the most significant site of worship at the Akropolis. Edit: No idea if anyone is still paying attention to this thread but I thought I’d add 3 more I found after cross referencing the historical locations from the discovery tour to this list.